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# node-websocket-server #
-This is a server for the WebSocket Protocol. It currently to works
-with both [draft75]( and [draft76]( of the protocol specification.
+This is a server for drafts [75]( and [76]( of the WebSocket Protocol.
+## Getting help:
+If you have an issues with this server, please check the [issue tracker](
+- If you have an issue with a stacktrace / bug report, please submit an issue in the issue tracker, make sure to include details as to how to reproduce the issue.
+- If you have a feature request, create an issue on the bug tracker and specifically state that it is a feature request, also send an email to the mailing list referencing this feature request, discussion on feature requests should be done in the issue tracker.
+- If you need general help or want to share what you're using this project in, join & email the mailing list.
+## Mailing List:
+We have a mailing list, it is hosted on google groups: [](
+## Documentation (outdated)
See for some slightly outdated

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