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An Admin Tree Module for Orchard Core
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An Admin Tree Module for Orchard Core

Getting Started

Currently this module is intended to be build using the Orchard Core dev/deanmarcussen/tags branch.

It requires an adapted Orchard Core Admin Theme

As it progresses, they may be released to NuGet or MyGet, however this is likely to be after the release of Orchard Core 1.0

To use the module place the root of this repository in the src/OrchardCore/OrchardCore.Modules/ThisNetWorks.OrchardCore.AdminTree folder.

To use with the MyGet packages the ProjectReference sections in the .csproj files need to be changed to the equivalent PackageReference entries.

These are currently commented out.

To enable the module in Orchard Core select Configuration -> Features -> ThisNetWorks AdminTree

Url Tree Menu

This presents all routable content items in tree menu, and is split on the Url Segements.


│   support   
│   └───getting-started
│   |   │   intro
│   |   │   setup
│   |   │   ...
│   │
│   └───more-features 
│       │   intro
│       │   setup
│       │   ...
    │   welcome
    │   new-features

Taxonomy Terms Menu

This presents a taxonomy and it's associated terms in a tree menu.

The primary purpose of this menu is intended to provide a way to manage complex taxonomies, in combination with a navigation system that makes manages those terms, and content items easier.

It also provides a custom taxonomy field editor, called Contained, and a custom part called TermContainedPart

This allows the taxonomy tree to list items belonging to a taxonomy term, whether branch or leaf.

To get started

  • Create a term content type that will be used by the taxonomy.
  • Add the TermContainedPart to the term content type.
  • Create a taxonomy.
  • To content types that this taxonomy can contain add a taxonomy field.
  • Set the editor for this field to Contained
  • Create terms for the taxonomy.
  • When creating the term select what types of content that term may contain.

Note before the term can contain content types, those content types must

  • Have a taxonomy field set to this taxonomy
  • Have the taxonomy field editor set to Contained

There is a Contained display mode which can be used to list branches or leafs, via AutoRoute.

There is a sample recipe which sets up a taxonomy with some default terms, editors, display modes and sample content items.

Taxonomy Contents Menu

Still in early development, and currently disabled.

Intended to provide similar features to the Taxonomy Terms Menu, but may include more content items displayed in the menu tree.

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