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Custom themes for Orchard Core
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Some sample and sometimes experimental custom themes for Orchard Core

Getting Started

Currently these themes are intended to be build using the Orchard Core dev branch.

As they progress, they may be released to NuGet or MyGet, however this is likely to be after the release of Orchard Core 1.0

To use the themes place the root of this repository in the src/OrchardCore/OrchardCore.Themes/ThisNetWorks.OrchardCore.Themes folder.

To use with the MyGet packages the ProjectReference sections in the .csproj files need to be changed to the equivalent PackageReference entries.

These are currently commented out.


This adapts the OrchardCore Admin Theme to support menu's on the left sidebar to include clickable entries on tree nodes (i.e. nodes that contain child items can also contain a link to an entry).

It is intended to be used in conjunction with the ThisNetWorks.OrchardCore.AdminTree repository.

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