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iVidCapPro is a plugin that enables Unity, to capture video and audio from your Unity iOS application.
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iVidCapPro is a plugin that enables Unity, to capture video and audio from your Unity iOS application.

This is the offical Github repository as the project has migrated away from Eccentric Orbits - refer Announcement

In cooperation with Eccentric Orbits we've made the plugin available as an open source github project. Please bear with us while migrate document and information over.

This is now a community plugin so please feel free to continue developing the project, we are accepting pull requests.

There will be a new release in the near future with bitcode support, and some minor tweaks.


  • You can install the Unity package from the Releases Page

  • You can download the Xcode project from the Releases Page

  • Alternativally clone or fork the project from github, make some improvements, and put in a pull request!

    The iVidCapProUnityProject folder contains all the C# Unity code you need to get the plugin running, and the binary for v1.7.

    The XcodeLibraryProject folder can get you building the binary.

  • For Unity 2017.x you'll need to add the following code the the file - this will be fixed in a later release.

extern "C" EAGLContext* ivcp_UnityGetContext()
    return UnityGetMainScreenContextGLES();


Choices and features – here are some of them:

  • Record real time footage. Great for demos, trailers, and replays.
  • Record at any resolution. Record your app in 720p or even 1080p. Need 512×512 for a special project? You got it.
  • Record at fixed framerate. If you don’t need real time rendering, but want a really high quality recording, you can pick your target framerate. 30fps? 60fps? Your choice.
  • Record from multiple cameras simultaneously. Have a separate camera for the GUI and the game character and want to record them simultaneously for a demo? You can do that.
  • Record from multiple cameras in sequence. Switch between cameras during the recording session to show the action from different vantage points.
  • Record from rendertexture. If you have your own secret recipe for cooking up a video source, iVidCapPro gets out of your way. Just point it at a rendertexture and it’ll make a video out of it. No cameras required.
  • Record scene audio. Choose an audio listener and capture it. The audio capture component has its own gain control, so you can get the video volume just right without disturbing your in-app mix.
  • Record a voice over Maybe you’re making a demo of your app or game and want to add commentary. Just tell iVidCapPro to record from the mic in addition to the scene. Use the device’s built-in mic or a headset mic.
  • Supply prerecorded audio. Have prerecorded audio that you want to add to the video? iVidCapPro lets you choose up to two audio files to mix with the finished video.
  • Adjust video quality settings. Configure the bitrate and keyframe interval to get the balance you need between video file size and quality.
  • Adjust video gamma. Need to tweak the video brightness to get the right look? It’s here.
  • Slide show mode. Throttled framerate capture lets you turn your app into a slideshow.
  • Full destination control Have the finished video copied to the device Photo Album. Or store it in your app’s Documents folder. Control of the video is in your hands and those of your customer. No servers. No accounts. Use of the videos from your app can be totally unlimited or fully restricted. You decide.
  • H.264 video encoding.


We hope to migrate the documentation from the Eccentric Orbits forum in the near future as there is a lot of great information available there.

For new issues please open an issue on the github page

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