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NohBoard is a keyboard visualization program. I know certain applications already exist that do just this, display your keyboard on-screen. And even more probably. However, so far I have found none that were both free and easy to use. That's where this program came in, I made it to be free and easy to use, without any fancy graphics, and easily capturable (possibly with chroma key). Furthermore, it's very customizable.


An initial version was made in C++, this originated from the desire to make something with graphics, and what I knew was OBS, now replaced by OBS Studio. That's why I started in the same spirit, using C++, and rendering with DirectX. However, having spent most of my time on C# during at least the last decade or so, I decided that I would be much more able to create awesome things in this language. That's when I re-started. Rather than using DirectX, I switched to GDI+, as we're Windows only (I'm sorry, but I just really don't use any other OS, and so far it is still the go-to OS for gaming). No really fancy graphics are required, no 3D is required. This also makes it easier to capture, as a simple window capture in OBS will do the trick now, rather than having to fiddle with game capture which might not work due to a game typically being run at the same time as NohBoard.


Maintainer / original author


  • Marius "Buttercak3" Becker - Various bugfixes
  • Ivan "YaLTeR" Molodetskikh - Added the scroll counter (NohBoard classic)
  • Michal Mitter - Added button outline (NohBoard classic)

Keyboard layouts

  • BaronBargy
  • Burning Fish
  • Cloudwolf
  • Daigtas
  • Floatingthru
  • HAJohnny
  • Helixia
  • joao7yt
  • kernel1337
  • Krazy
  • layarion
  • MCCrafterTV
  • MtB1980
  • TicTacFoe
  • ToxicMirror
  • WayZHC
  • wingsltd
  • zolia
  • SirDifferential
  • flyingmongoose
  • JapanYoshi
  • dchitra

If you want to contribute, either with code, with keyboard definitions or keyboard styles, feel free to fork this repository and provide your changes via a pull request, or other means of submitting your changes back to me.


For the changelog, see the Releases page.

Full Documentation

See the Wiki for full documentation.


Donations are neither required nor requested. They are, however, always appreciated, and due to some demand, there now is the possibility to donate. Note that donations are to be made purely for appreciation of performed work, and not as a means of prioritizing or requesting future work. They will not in any way impact the speed or order in which features are implemented.


NohBoard is licensed under the GPL version 2. The license agreement is attached in this repository and can be found here.