Wifi'ify the Senseo coffee maker. Circuit and firmware for an internal Senseo hack to monitor and control the daily coffee brew (via MQTT) ☕️📶
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SenseoWifi - Smart Home Coffee Maker

Wifi'ify the Senseo coffee maker.

The coffee maker is with no doubt a central element of our lives. In the Smart Home where every device is connected and automated, the coffee making can not be left out. Let's bring the Philips Senseo (Basic or Classic) into your Wi-Fi and control it remotely!

Yes, this is silly, you should do it too!


This project contains information and material regarding:

  • Soldering a custom PCB needed to bring Senseo onto a Wi-Fi
  • Connecting the custom PCB to the Senseo PCB
  • Flashing the custom PCB with the provided firmware
  • Connecting to Wi-Fi and MQTT
  • Connecting to openHAB (or any other home automation solution)
  • (optional) Adding a buzzer for audio feedback
  • (optional) Adding a cup detector for further automation

Compatible with:

  • Philips Senseo HD7810
  • Philips Senseo HD7811
  • Philips Senseo HD7812
  • Philips Senseo HD7817
  • … and most probably all similar models with one LED and three buttons


After implementing the steps below your Senseo will offer the following new features:

  • Inform about the current state (Standby, Brewing, ...) of the machine
  • Notify about an empty water tank
  • Remote control the machine via MQTT
  • Go through a complete brewing cycle automatically (Turn on, brew, turn off)
  • Over-the-air (OTA) firmware update
  • Audio feedback via a built-in speaker (optional)
  • Detect a cup via an optical sensor (optional)
  • Collect usage statistics

Hardware Modification

The first challenge of this project is to hack the Senseo machine electronics. You need to solder and connect a custom PCB to the machine. In the end the PCB will not be visible from the outside, powered from the inside, connected via Wi-Fi and programmed via OTA.

⚠⚠⚠ Attention! For your own safety do not connect AC power while opened up. ⚠⚠⚠


Part Description
1× Custom PCB See SenseoWifi-PCB folder for schematic
1× WeMos D1 Mini Microcontroller, learn more…
4× Sharp PC817 Optocoupler interfacing with the Senseo board (datasheet)
3× 470Ω Resistor
1× 1.5kΩ Resistor
1× Push button To reset the microcontroller from the outside
1× AC-DC Step Down Converter (220V to 5V) As internally sourced power supply (e.g. ebay.de or HLK-PM01)
Generic male headers A bunch of them
1× Buzzer 12mm Optional - Used for audio feedback, can be disabled in firmware (e.g. reichelt.de)
1× 150Ω Resistor Optional - Size depends on buzzer
1× TCRT5000 Optional - To detect a cup. Reflective Optical Sensor, Regulated Module (e.g. ebay.de)


  1. Solder the custom PCB according to the schematics designed in Fritzing
  2. Wire the custom PCB to the Senseo PCB to interface with the Senseo LED and buttons
  3. Add the optical sensor to the Senseo housing (optional)
  4. Connect the additional power supply
  5. Include a button accessible from the bottom to reset the firmware settings

For now, please follow the details given in the schematics and the pictures located in the images folder. Further details outstanding. Don't hesitate to open a support issue!

Happy Hacking!

Disclaimer and Legal

Philips and Senseo are registered trademarks of Philips GmbH.

This project is a community project not for commercial use. The authors will not be held responsible in the event of device failure or bad tasting coffee.

This project is in no way affiliated with, authorized, maintained, sponsored or endorsed by Philips or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries.