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<h1>&quot;CustoMaterial&quot; Material Design Wordpress Theme</h1>
<p>&quot;<em>CustoMaterial</em>&quot; is a fully responsive, highly performant and configurable Bootstrap-based Wordpress Theme following <a href="">Googles "Material Design" Guidelines</a>.</p>
<p>&quot;<em>CustoMaterial</em>&quot; is licensed under the <a href="" target="_blank">GNU General Public License, version 2</a></p>
<li>Full Bootstrap integration with all of Bootstraps Components modified to suit the Material Design principles.</li>
<li>Highly performant. &quot;CustoMaterial&quot; ranks with around 95% on GTMetrix out-of-the-box.</li>
<li>Nine fully configurable Widget-Areas:
<li>Hero Slider</li>
<li>Static Hero</li>
<li>Above OffCanvas Navigation</li>
<li>Below OffCanvas Navigation</li>
<li>Four Footer Widget Areads</li>
<li>Fully customizable. From background image, topbar and countless others to every color setting with more than 120 Configuration options already included.</li>
<li>Custom Post-Type "Portfolio" with custom metaboxes and embedded OWL2-Slider</li>
<li>Semantically correct HTML5 and crossbrowser-compatibel CSS3.</li>
<li>SEO-optimized code.</li>
<li>Fully accessible. Passes almost every &quot;A&quot; rule of the WCAG 2.0 guidelines. (Yet to be optimized though..)</li>
<li>Translation ready. German translation will follow soon.</li>
<h2>ToDo - Soon come..</h2>
<li>German translation to be added.</li>
<li>Final WCAG 2.0 optimization to fulfill AA-Level.</li>
<li><a href="">Yoast-Seo</a> support. Also supports Yoast-breadcrumbs.</li>
<li>Custom Post Templates for Portfolio etc.</li>
<li>Custom Metaboxes for certain Post-Types.</li>
<li>Currently the GULP process is suboptimal. Needs <em>urgent</em> improvement!</li>
<p>Full Credit goes to <a href="">Holger Könemann</a> who built a solid foundation to &quot;CustoMaterial&quot; with his <a href="">Wordpress Starter Theme &quot;Understrap&quot;</a>. Understrap integrates Automattics _s with Bootstrap, SCSS and has an optimized Workflow integrating <a href="">Bower</a> and <a href="">GULP</a>.</p>
<p>Credits go to the following projects and persons:</p>
<li><strong>Understrap:</strong> ()</li>
<li><strong>Kirki Customizer Toolkit:</strong> (Code licensed under GPLv2 License)</li>
<li><strong>CMB2 Custom Metaboxes Framework:</strong> (Code licensed under GPLv2 License)</li>
<li><strong>Bootstrap Material Design:</strong> (Code licensed under MIT License)</li>
<li> <strong>Owl Carousel 2:</strong> (Code licensed under MIT License)</li>
<li> <strong>Font Awesome:</strong> (Font: SIL OFL 1.1, CSS: MIT License)</li>
<li> Download the <a href="">&quot;<em>CustoMaterial</em>&quot; Package</a></li>
<li>Upload it into your WordPress installation subfolder here: /wp-content/themes/</li>
<li>Login to your WordPress backend </li>
<li> Go to Appearance -&gt; Themes</li>
<li>Activate the &quot;<em>CustoMaterial</em>&quot; theme</li>
<li>Go to the Customizer to customize &quot;<em>CustoMaterial</em>&quot; to your liking</li>
<h3>How to use the built-in Widget Slider and the Static Hero?</h3>
<p> The Frontpage Slider is Widget driven. Simply add more than one Widget to widget position &quot;<em>Hero Slider</em>&quot;.</p>
<li>Click on Appearance -&gt; Widgets</li>
<li>Add two or more widgets of any kind to widget area &quot;Hero Slider&quot;</li>
<li>Thats all, folks..</li>
<p>If you just want a static Hero header or want a second below the Hero Slider, you should add a Widget to the &quot;<em>Static Hero</em>&quot; Widget.</p>
<h3>Version 0.2</h3>
<p>March 1st, 2016</p>
<li>*Update* WCAG 2.0 compliance</li>
<li>*Update* Change Gulp-file for more flexibility. (Needs _urgent_ improvement now!)</li>
<li>*Update* Update Kirki Customizer Framework and CMB2 Custom Metaboxes to latest version.</li>
<li>*Update* Some layout improvements.</li>
<li>*Update* Remove/improve some customizer illogicality.</li>
<li>*Update* Default color changes in customizer.</li>
<li>*Update* Update base language and translation strings.</li>
<li>*Update* Integrate Yoast SEO Breadcrumbs into template if present.</li>
<li>*Update* Improve 404 page output to better support grid and take advantage of it.</li>
<li>*Update* Clean up and addons to SASS/CSS styles.</li>
<li>*Fix* Fix layout of the search-button in the offcanvas navigation.</li>
<li>*Fix* Offcanvas navigation top-offset. Support admin-bar offset.</li>
<li>*NEW* Integrate sidebar-switch and fullwidth/boxed layout. Switching logic for columns implemented</li>
<li>*NEW* Custom post-type "Portfolio" with embedded Owl-Slider and custom Metaboxes</li>
<h3>Version 0.1 </h3>
<p>February 24th, 2016</p>
<li>Initial commit.</li>
<li>Some improvements to match WCAG 2.0 guidelines.</li>