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A font to iconify a webdevelopers skills currently including 124 plain, monochrome icons in Version 1.0. Including programming languages, workflow tools, programs etc.
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WebDev-Icons Font


A font to iconify a Webdevelopers Skills currently including 124 plain, monochrome Icons in Version 1.0. Including Programming Languages, Frameworks, Workflow Tools, Programs/IDE´s etc.

There are currently no Plans to include alternativ Versions and/or to integrate full colored Versions. There are other Alternatives for that.

Download WebDev-Icons


There is a Bunch of pretty awesome Font Libraries that I can really recommend.

Problem is: None of them included all the Icons I needed for my personal Portfolio so I created my own.

If you´re looking for more Font Libraries that also include different Versions for some of the Icons or are even multi-colored, you should take a look at those Libs:

How to Use WebDev-Icons on your Website

The naming conventions of WebDev-Icons are plain and simple:

  • all Icons are prefixed with webdev-.
  • Look up the Icon names in /src/PNG to see the Icons and find out their respective names.
  • Example: You need to embed a "Jira" Icon. Check the above mentioned directory and you´ll find a file named jira.png. So the complete name for the icon class would be webdev-jira

Using the Icon Font

  • Upload webdev-icons.css (/dist/webdev-icons.css) and fonts Folder (/dist/fonts) to your Site.
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="webdev-git.css">

Adjust paths in your webdev-git.css if required.

  • Add the respective icon using an <i>-Tag
<!--  Example using Github-Icon -->
<i class="webdev-github"></i>

    Consider improving accessibility!
    In case you´re using e.g. Bootstrap you should use Icons this way:
<i class="webdev-github">
    <span class="sr-only">Git</span>

Using SVG Icons

- Notice: This doesn´t really work yet, please be patient and wait for the next update.
+ Thank you!
  • Copy and paste the SVG Code (open the File with a Text-Editor) of the Icon you´ll want to integrate (from the /src/SVG Folder)
<!--  Example using Github-Icon -->
<svg version="1.1" xmlns="" width="32" height="32" viewBox="0 0 32 32">
<path d="M16 5.343c-6.196 0-11.219 5.023-11.219 11.219 0 4.957 3.214 9.162 7.673 10.645 0.561 0.103 0.766-0.244 0.766-0.54 0-0.267-0.010-1.152-0.016-2.088-3.12 0.678-3.779-1.323-3.779-1.323-0.511-1.296-1.246-1.641-1.246-1.641-1.020-0.696 0.077-0.682 0.077-0.682 1.126 0.078 1.72 1.156 1.72 1.156 1.001 1.715 2.627 1.219 3.265 0.931 0.102-0.723 0.392-1.219 0.712-1.498-2.49-0.283-5.11-1.246-5.11-5.545 0-1.226 0.438-2.225 1.154-3.011-0.114-0.285-0.501-1.426 0.111-2.97 0 0 0.941-0.301 3.085 1.15 0.894-0.25 1.854-0.373 2.807-0.377 0.953 0.004 1.913 0.129 2.809 0.379 2.14-1.453 3.083-1.15 3.083-1.15 0.613 1.545 0.227 2.685 0.112 2.969 0.719 0.785 1.153 1.785 1.153 3.011 0 4.31-2.624 5.259-5.123 5.537 0.404 0.348 0.761 1.030 0.761 2.076 0 1.5-0.015 2.709-0.015 3.079 0 0.299 0.204 0.648 0.772 0.538 4.455-1.486 7.666-5.69 7.666-10.645 0-6.195-5.023-11.219-11.219-11.219z"></path>
  • Add according CSS Rules to your Stylesheet
.webdev-github {
  max-width: 100%;
  width: 2.5rem; /* Or whatever you find suitable */

/* To change Colors you´ll need to add some more CSS */
.webdev-github path {
  fill: #FF0000; /* Or whatever Color you find suitable */

How to Use WebDev-Icons in Documents / Illustrator etc

Take a look at the dist Folder. Install the .ttf-Font locally for any of the upcoming cases.

Using Icon-Fonts in Illustrator

Select "Window->Type-Glyphs" and choose the "WebDev-Icons Regular".

You´ll find all of the glyphs in the window popping up.

Window->Type-Glyphs in Illustrator

Using Icon-Fonts in LibreOffice

Select "Insert -> Special Character" and choose the "WebDev-Icons Regular" Font.

Insert -> Special Character in Illustrator

Using Icon-Fonts in other Programs

The Procedure should be pretty comparable in almost any Application: Search for an Entry in the "Window" or "Insert" Menus and select the "WebDev-Icons Regular" Font where you can choose any Icon you need.


  • Adjustment / Finetuning of Icon Sizes Fixed
  • Add SVG Icon
  • Add SVG Animation Icon
  • Add WCAG / WAI / BITV Icons
  • Add Adobe XD Icon
  • Add Dialogflow Icon
  • Add Actions on Google Icon
  • Add Alexa Skill Icon
  • Add XSL Icon
  • Add Bitrix and Asana Icons
  • Add Rich Snippets and OpenGraph Icons
  • Add RSS/RFD Icons
  • Add JSON Icon
  • Add UX / UI Icons
  • Add Usability Icon
  • Add Voiceapplication Icons / IoT Icons
  • Consider switching from <i>-Tags to Classnames only
  • Improve SVGs to include Classnames

License and Legal Notice

Released under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2

Final font is build with Icomoon app

All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used in this project are for identification purposes only. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement.

If you belong to one of the companies or projects which brand got integrated in this font and feel that this project infringes your rights, please get in contact and I´ll consider removal.

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