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A react native component that renders HTML as native views. This library is useful for rendering html snippets such as those that you get from wysiwyg text editors.


Add it to your project

npm install react-native-fence-html --save


import HTML from 'react-native-fence-html'


render() {
	// The html you want to render
	const html = `
			<h1>A Sample H1 Title</h1>
			<h2>A Sample H2 Title</h2>

	const styles = {
		h1: { backgroundColor: '#FF0000' },
		h2: { fontFamily: 'Arial' },
    img: { resizeMode: 'cover' }

	const renderers = {
	 	img: (htmlAttribs, children, passProps) => {
	 		return (
          source={{uri: htmlAttribs.src, width: 100, height: 100}}
          {...passProps} />)

	return (
			// Required. The html snippet you want to render as a string

			// The styles to supply for each html tag. Default styles
			// are already pre-provided in HTMLStyles.js. The additional
			// styles that you provide will be merged over these, so if
			// you need some funky red background on your h1, just set
			// the background

			// Callback for when the user taps on a link. Oh look! You
			// get the href passed back. Handy if you want to send
			// someone somewhere :-)
			onLinkPress={(evt, href) => console.log(href)} />

			// Renderers to use for rendering specific HTML elements.
			// Default renderers are pre-provided in HTMLRenderers.js.


iOS ✔️
Android ✔️
Faster than webview ✔️
All Native views ✔️
Inline-styles ✔️
Custom stylesheet ✔️
Tag-soup ✔️
Links ✔️
Images ✔️
Custom Renderers ✔️


Pull the demo repository to give it a try!