The missing desktop client for Gmail & Google Inbox
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The missing desktop client for Gmail & Google Inbox. Bringing the online Gmail & Google Inbox experience to your desktop in a neatly packaged app. WMail was created to make your webmail feel right at home on your laptop or computer. It keeps the best of Gmail and Google Inbox whilst adding all those extra bits that you miss when using them in a web browser.

Introducing Wavebox

WMail is now Wavebox! Wavebox adds support for much more than just e-mail. Google Inbox, Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, Slack, Trello & Any Web link and everything you love about WMail.

Wavebox & WMail Logo

We hope that you'll give Wavebox a try and love it as much as we love developing it!

  • Developed full time by the original creator of WMail
  • Still open-source on Github
  • Licensed under MPL-2.0 just like WMail
  • Ready to build from source and tweak
  • Even more awesome!

Find out more about WMail becoming Wavebox

Visit Wavebox on Github

Check out our swanky new website at

Read more about what's happening at on the Wavebox blog