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- window creation/idle time
- better errors when creating new windows/sessions (how?)
- implicitly add exec to the commands for new windows (switch to disable it)?
- it would be nice to have multichar commands eg C-b K K
- commands:
extend list-clients to list clients attached to a session (-a for all?)
bring back detach-session to detach all clients on a session?
- allow fnmatch for -c, so that you can, eg, detach all clients
- garbage collect window history (100 lines at a time?) if it hasn't been used
in $x time (need window creation/use times)
- lift SHRT_MAX limits for history?
- better mode features: search
- flags to centre screen in window
- better terminal emulation
- activity/bell should be per-window not per-link? what if it is cur win in
session not being watched?
- next prev word etc in command prompt; also ^K
- many more info() displays for various things
- backspace should perhaps wrap backwards over newlines which were not moved
down by a newline: screen and the OS X terminal does this but xterm and most
others do not. this might be hard: a flag for each grid line (top bit of size
maybe)? a single flag is insufficient as can't then tell when to /stop/
- input.c is too complicated. simplify?
- use a better termcap internally instead of screen, perhaps xterm
- kill all but current pane
- fix rxvt cursor fg issue (text under cursor can have non-white fg)
- client sx/sy should be in tty, then can let the terminal wrap at edge
to allow xterm to pick up it should be one line for its c/p
- should be able to move to a hidden pane and it would be moved into view. pane
number in status line/top-right would be cool for this
- support other mouse modes (highlight etc) and use it in copy mode
- set-remain-on-exit is a bit of a hack, some way to do it generically?
- set-option should be set-session-option and should be overall global options
for stuff like mode keys?
also quiet, utf8 and maybe other flags?
-g is a bit unexpected in conf file
- clear window title on exit
- the output code (tty.c) could do with optimisation depending on term
- would be nice to be able to use "--" to mark start of command w/ neww etc
to avoid quoting
- make command sequences more usable: don't require space after ;, handle
errors better
- attach should have a flag to create session if it doesn't exist
- rename split-window -> split-pane??
- choice and more mode would be better per client than per window?
- hooks to which commands may be attached, for example: tmux add-hook
"new-session" if-shell "[ -e $HOME/.tmux-session.conf ]" source-file
- get it passing all the vttest tests that don't require resizing the terminal
- esc seq to set window title should be documented and should set
- way to set socket path from config file
- XXX once env stuff is in, default-path and VISUAL/EDITOR should be picked up
when session is started
- what about utmp etc? can tmux update it like screen? setgid?
- H/M/L commands in copy mode with vi-keys, for jumping to the top/middle/last
line on the screen
- warts on current naming:
- display-time but message-fg/bg/attr
- list-* vs show-*
- server-info
- up-pane/down-pane/swap-pane -U/swap-pane -D vs next-*/previous-*
- tidy up and prioritise todo list ;-)
- neww and attach can create a session if none exists?
would work fine with config file since
- a way for force-width/height to apply to only one pane (how?)
- command to list what is actually running in each window with command line,
pid (need some adaption of the osdep code)
- string option to change/remove the symbols (*-+ etc) in status line
* or to set entire format, eg window-list-format '#N:#W#P' or something,
then could use embedded colours
- support for bce
- it would be nice if the start/end line keys in copy mode were aware of
wrapped lines
- some way to force a screen to use the entire terminal even if it is forced
to be smaller by other clients. pan smaller terminal? (like screen F)
-- idea of a "view" onto a window, need base x/y offsets
for redraw
- handle resize better in copy mode
- way to copy stuff that is off screen due to resize
- fix line wrapping c&p problems in xterm etc
- a way to address panes by name ("top-left") and position ("0,0")
- commands should be able to succeed or fail and have || or && for command
- support the mouse wheel to scroll through history
- some way to KEEP a command running continually and just use its LAST line of
- bind commands to mouse buttons
- dim/nobright etc in #[]
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