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Symfony Certification Preparation List

Symfony Certification Preparation List

I unfortunately do not have the time to get this project fully updated. Any pull requests are appreciated and will still be reviewed & merged. If somebody would like to completely take over this project, feel free to create an issue.

When looking for a guide to prepare myself for a Symfony certification, I couldn't find a lot. So I've decided to start this project to help people find everything they need.

If you're looking for other people who are interested (or have) certification. Please check the #certification channel at the Symfony Devs Slack. Request an invite here

Please help add new links/info. We currently have not all topics covered. For more information refer to the Contributing page.

The exam topics are copied from the official exam topics. The master branch contains information for the 5.0 certification. For 4.0 and 3.0, please see the other branches.

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