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CafeTownsend - AngularJS

This project is an HTML5/Javascript implementation of the infamous CafeTownsend application. CafeTownsend is a well known application created to demonstrate various MVC frameworks using Flex or ActionScript. There are known ports using Cairngorm, Mate, PureMVC, Spring ActionScript, RobotLegs and Swiz.

Recently a developer contributed an HTML5 port of the application using the javascript Spine MVC framework.

This project contributes a superior port of the HTML5 CafeTownsend application;using the Angular.js IoC framework.


Click to play with the Live Demo.

AngularJS is an amazing IoC MVVM framework for Javascript applications. Supporting pageless architectures, advanced data binding, HTML templating, and dependency injection… AngularJS is strikingly similar to the Flex Swiz IoC framework.

Note: Subsequent CSS version will be rewritten in {Less} for dynamic stylesheet language support.
The AngularJS port also demonstrates significant advantages over the SpineJS implementation:

  • Pageless Architecture
  • Improved routing with deep link support
  • Significant reduction in HTML template fragments
  • Rigorous elimination of Javascript code from HTML
  • Inter-controller data sharing
  • Session Management/Authentication
  • Lazy loading of data services (with auto-jsonify of external JSON data)
  • Code versions handwritten in both Javascript and Coffeescript
  • Demonstrates separation-of-concerns for Model-Views-Controllers
  • Demonstates dependency injection for services and Controllers
  • Demonstrates best practices for Model-View-View-Model (MVVM) architectures
  • Uses CoffeeScript files for services and controller classes

Directory Layout

app/                  --> all of the files to be used in production

  CafeTownsend.html   --> application file (the main html template file of the app)


    css/              --> css files
      styles.css      --> default stylesheet

    images/           --> image files

    tmpl/         --> angular view partials (partial html templates)

      members.json      --> external, simple JSON data

      CafeTownsend.js --> application source code
      bootstrap.js    --> asynch loader and initializer (using head.js)

            angular.js      --> AngularJS v0.10.5 IoC Framework

        jquery.min.js       --> jQuery v1.7 minified
        head.load.min.js    --> asynch script loader
        namespace.min.js    --> namespace support for `package` class organization
        uuid.js             --> uuid generator
  Cakefile              --> cake build script

  coffee/                     --> master developer files for service & controller classe       --> asynch loader and initializer (using head.js)

        mindspace/cafetownsend/ --> application class to establish routes and session



             --> doubleClick, focuse directives

scripts/              --> handy shell/js/ruby scripts
  web-server.js       --> simple development webserver based on node.js

Build Notes

Developers should use the cake script to build, consolidate, and minify the custom Javascript into Cafetownsend.min.js

cd ./src; cake build;
  • CafeTownsend.js - consolidate application code
  • bootstrap.js - asynch loader and initializer (using head.js)

Pending Features

This effort is still ongoing with some in-progress effort that will provide the following features:

  • Provide loading indicator as data load indicator
  • Support deep linking with synch data loads
  • Convert disorganized CSS to LESS
  • Build CafeTownsend Tests/Scenarios
  • Create view slide transitions


Stay tuned for upcoming blog article and video on the Solution Optimist blog.
For more information on angular please check out