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  • Use Bower to update the vendor libraries
  • Start WebStorm webserver (see webserver configuration illustration for setup)
  • Browse http://localhost:8000/
  • Select a demo to run
  • Open Dev tools to view the console log; when the Login button is selected!

To update your dependent javascript libraries used by the demo applications:

cd ./demos/build; bower install

About the Demos

Demo Snapshot

  • Demo 0 : Application with mock login; using Authenticator, LoginController and standard $log
  • Demo 1 : Modifications to use AngularJS Decorator (without RequireJS define())
  • Demo 2 : Modifications to use RequireJS
  • Demo 3 : Modifications to use LogEnhancer class with LogDecorator
  • Demo 4 : Modifications to use $log.getInstance() with classNames
  • Demo 5 : Use of angular-logDecorator plugin (installed with Bower)