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attowiki is a very small wiki engine for personal use.

Its main features are:

  • can be started in any directory
  • uses all .rst files in directory structure as "wiki" files
  • uses git for revision control
  • automatic background saving
  • pdf generation
  • history view of old version of pages, including source and diff views
  • added 2 new directives: 'todo' and 'done'
  • some meta pages, including:
    • /__index__: gives a list of all meta pages and normal pages
    • /__cheatsheet__: docutils reStructuredText cheat sheet
    • /__todo__: gives a list of all todo found in all pages
    • /__done__: gives a list of all done found in all pages
    • /__xxxxxxx__: gives a list of all xxxxxxx found in all pages, xxxxxxx represent any reStructure node, like all admonitions:
      • __todo__
      • __done__
      • __attention__
      • __caution__
      • __danger__
      • __error__
      • __hint__
      • __important__
      • __note__
      • __tip__
      • __warning__
      • __admonition__
    • "admonition" meta pages for one page only using this kind of url: /name of the doc.__admonitionname__


Launching a wiki

$ attowiki

that's all.

attowiki will start a small server (by default, serving to http://localhost:8080)

all the .rst files inside the current directory will be used for the wiki


$ pip install attowiki

project dependencies

  • bottle
  • docutils
  • gitpython
  • rst2pdf