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How to read your Power Meters S0 Interface and stream it to your own server

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Code to read a Power Meter over it's S0-Interface and stream it to your own Server.
It's possible to use Grafana to display the values in a nice manner.

There are the following files:
database.sql: The database Structure for the backend
grafana.txt: Textfile with the Grafana Querys The Micropython Sourcecode for the ESP8266
README: This file
tempsensor.php: The backend PHP-Script to insert the data
tempsensorcheck.php: A file to check if all Sensors sended data in the last 15 minutes
powermail.php: A php script which sends you the power consumption of yesterday, the actual week, the actual month, the actual year and the last 30 days. Can be run by a cronjob.
rep_kwh_since_last_send.php: Runs through the sensorstable for the sensor with the id 5 (my power sensor) and corrects all kwh_since_last_send values by recalculating them from the value kwh_since_start.

PS: We're assuming a price of 30.92 Euro-Cent per kWh in the Grafana Querys and the Mail.
PPS: The file "" is an ESP8266 Node which uses an BME280 Sensor to get Environmental Data (Temperatur, Humidity, Preasure). It can also use the "tempsensor.php" backend.


How to read your Power Meters S0 Interface and stream it to your own server






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