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4X7 segment display
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Dear arduino-user,

This is our first library for arduino. Is this just yet another 4x7-segment library? NO. Multiple timers, number formating, update the screen without flickering,.. And the best of all: it is all handled by the library! There is even multi-dispay support!

The number formating: This version of the library makes it possible to print in an easy way an integer to a 4X7 segment display. Positive numers higher than "9999" will be print as "XXEX" and negative numbers lower than "-999" will be print as "-XEX".

Timer: You can use any timer you want. (for Arduino mega users, uncomment some rules to use the 3th,4th and 5th timer.)

Howto use?

  • see included example


  • constructor: Display(short segmentPins[8], short digitPins[4], short timer);
  • setNumber(long value)-setSpecificNumber(short firstDigit, short secondDigit, short thirdDigit, short ffourthDigit)
  • stop()
  • start()

V1.1: Dot add

  • New Functions: setSpecificNumber(short firstDot, short secondDot, short thirdDot, short ffourthDot);
  • New Example

I hope that the library is free of bugs. Feel free to comment and/ or adjust bugs or suggest extra functions And remember, respect the GPL2 license.

When something is useful, give it a star!

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