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snapshot of project "pgf-vile", label v3_31
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ThomasDickey committed Jul 2, 2016
1 parent e903cf8 commit cd0c955
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Showing 34 changed files with 3,043 additions and 1,558 deletions.
142 changes: 142 additions & 0 deletions CHANGES.R3
@@ -1,3 +1,144 @@
Changes in 3.31: (Tom Dickey)

* corrected test in 'find_alt()', which caused the %/# toggle to work
incorrectly in noautobuffer mode.

* updatelistbuffers after 'cd' command

* added 'chg_buff()' & 'unchg_buff()' to encapsulate logic to update
buffer-list after buffers are modified. The function 'lchange()'
is replaced by 'chg_buff()'.

* modified 'histbuffer' to toggle according to 'find_alt()'

* make the filename/buffer/number change for 'killbuffer' apply to

* corrected handling of repeat-count in 'C' command.

* updated vile.hlp

* revised 'mktbls.c':

* filter out redundant ifdef's
* tab-align data items for readability
* modify 'nefunc.h' to use prototypes rather than K&R style
definition, also split the extern-definitions from the
data items for readability.
* make procedures static, linted
* modified so that 'evar.h' definitions are automatically
generated, so that "show-variables" can show a sorted
list of variables. The new filename is "nevars.h".

* corrected window refresh flag for 'U' (lineundo) command.

* added an apollo-specific code in 'imdying()' to generate a walkback
for debugging.

* corrected an error in 'zotwp()': reference to data that had been

* corrected an error in 'onlywind()': it did not delink window-pointer
after freeing it.

* noticed that references to 'dfoutfn' weren't reentrant: I did a
":show-var" from the buffer-list and got only part of the heading.
Reorganized display.c to ensure that it is reentrant by using a
local copy of 'dfoutfn'. Note that I didn't add 'dfoutfn' as an
argument to 'dofmt()' to avoid complications with varargs.

* corrected 'dfputli()': it didn't do hexadecimal.

* corrected 'updateline()': it sometimes failed to highlight the ends
of the mode-line.

* corrected (my last change) to 'vtset()' so that "^J" is shown in

* moved 'writeall()' from main.c to buffer.c; it belonged there, and
I used local macros for simplifying it.

* remove SIGHUP handler before normal call on 'exit()' to avoid
vile-died messages when running it in an xterm.

* corrected VMS definition of exit codes; added def of BAD-macro.
modified main.c, display.c, window.c accordingly.

Changes in 3.30, mostly from Tom Dickey:

This is lots of changes, mostly in buffer.c:

* lint-clean: buffer.c

* linted also: file.c, modes.c (though I left size_t alone for now).

* added "list-vars" & "show-vars" to show the current variables

* modified 'killbuffer' so I could add binding ^X-k to point to
a buffer-name in the buffer-list and kill it.

* also modified 'killbuffer' to recognize filename if buffer-name is
not found, also buffer-number.

* modify buffer.c so that the number shown by '_' and '*' is consistent

* fixed ^X-o and ^X-O so they update buffer-list, as well as some
other places I missed before.

* make some functions static (where they are really private), because
my per-module lint library got too large. (I believe there are
too many externals). In modes.c, this involved reordering, since
my practice is not to have forward-refs on static functions, to
make this work with some awful compilers. This meant that I
deleted lines from 'proto.h'.

* introduced new macro 'isreturn()', used this in correction in
'histbuff()'. I used it in one bug fix & also where I could find
explicit compare for \r, \n.

* added mode 'autobuffer':

* the default is 'autobuffer' (the vile lru buffering)
* curbp no longer is necessarily equal to bheadp
* added members b_created, b_last_used, b_relink to support
the autobuffer/noautobuffer mode.
* if "noautobuffer" is set, ":rewind" and ":n" apply only
to the original command-line files.

* added macros SCRTCH_LEFT, SCRTCH_RIGHT, ScratchName, IsInternalName
to encapsulate use of '[' in names.

* added macros SHPIPE_LEFT, isShellOrPipe to encapsulate use of '!' in

* added function is_pathname to encapsulate tests for pathnames
beginning with '.'. This fixes the display of ".vilerc" from the current
directory as "./.vilerc".

* added new char-types _scrtch and _shpipe to support killbuffer from
screen. Use these types in new macro 'screen_to_bname()' which uses
modification of 'screen_string()'. Used 'screen_to_bname()' to
make ^X-e and ^X-k "correctly" parse the bname, fname columns from

* fixed the error you mentioned in modeline (the position of col-80 mark
taking into account sideways and number modes).

* supplied a missing TTflush in input.c

* modified 'makebufflist()' to show only the flags actually used in the

* modified 'makebufflist()' to show '%' and '#' by the corresponding

* added macros 'for_each_buffer()' and 'for_each_window()' to simplify
code as well as to keep visible references to bheadp & wheadp
confined to buffer.c and window.c respectively.

* added/used macro SIZEOF


Changes in 3.29:
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -343,3 +484,4 @@ IMPLEMENTORS NOTES:
mlforce() for messages that _must_ be seen, and mlprompt() for
messages that need a response from the user unless they're in a
command file.
20 changes: 11 additions & 9 deletions bind.c
Expand Up @@ -4,7 +4,10 @@
* written 11-feb-86 by Daniel Lawrence
* $Log: bind.c,v $
* Revision 1.25 1992/12/04 09:08:45 foxharp
* Revision 1.26 1993/01/16 10:21:17 foxharp
* use new ScratchName, isShellOrPipe, and isreturn macros
* Revision 1.25 1992/12/04 09:08:45 foxharp
* deleted unused assigns
* Revision 1.24 1992/08/20 23:40:48 foxharp
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -112,7 +115,7 @@ int f,n;
char *fname; /* ptr to file returned by flook() */

/* first check if we are already here */
bp = bfind("[Help]", OK_CREAT, BFSCRTCH);
bp = bfind(ScratchName(Help), OK_CREAT, BFSCRTCH);
if (bp == NULL)
return FALSE;

Expand All @@ -129,7 +132,7 @@ int f,n;
strcpy(bp->b_bname, ScratchName(Help));
char buf[80];
lsprintf(buf, " %s %s",prognam,version);
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -370,7 +373,7 @@ int
desbind(f, n)
int f,n;
return liststuff("[Binding List]",makebindlist,1,NULL);
return liststuff(ScratchName(Binding List),makebindlist,1,NULL);

Expand All @@ -387,7 +390,7 @@ int f,n;
if (s != TRUE)

return liststuff("[Binding List]",makebindlist,1,mstring);
return liststuff(ScratchName(Binding List),makebindlist,1,mstring);

Expand Down Expand Up @@ -577,7 +580,7 @@ int hflag; /* Look in the HOME environment variable first? */
/* tak care of special cases */
if (!fname || !fname[0] || isspace(fname[0]))
return NULL;
else if (fname[0] == '!')
else if (isShellOrPipe(fname))
return fname;

/* always try the current directory first */
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -928,15 +931,14 @@ char **bufp;
if (isbackspace(c) ||
c == kcod2key(abortc) ||
c == kcod2key(killc) ||
c == '\r' ||
c == '\n' ||
isreturn(c) ||
islinespecchar(c) ) {

if (c == '\r' || c == '\n') {
if (isreturn(c)) {
buf[cpos] = 0;
lineinput = FALSE;
*bufp = buf;
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