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--950824BETA released--
256) Tom Parry (
BUG. PGP module always redirects stdout & stderr to /dev/null
FIX. tin.h pgp.c - applied supplied patch.
255) Urs Janssen (
BUG. 'make sol' entry duplicates target label from sysvr4
FIX. Makefile - applied supplied patch.
254) Roland Rosenfeld (
BUG. X-Comment-To: does'nt work correctly with FIDO network.
FIX. various - applied supplied patch.
--950822BETA released--
253) Andrew Greer (
ADD. Added still more VAX/VMS support.
252) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. (+ = amiga specific, * = general).
+ Removed some old defines from amiga smakefile
+ Added DONT_HAVE_PIPING flag (different to NO_PIPING!)
* Temporary print file deleted after printing.
FIX. various - applied supplied patch.
251) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. Bug in the body search routine when there are expired overview
records present, and even an access to invalid memory when
show_only_unread is in effect.
FIX. search.c - applied supplied patch.
250) Reinhard Luebke (
BUG. popen() bug in previous patch.
FIX. various - applied supplied patch.
249) Mark Tomlinson ( MLT
Reinhard Luebke ( REL
BUG. (+ = amiga specific, * = general).
+ Minor changes to Smakefile (REL)
+ Use localtime over gmtime for speed (MLT)
+ Change default printer on Amiga (REL/MLT)
+ Obsolete amiga: target removed from Makefile (MLT)
+ time() written to replace slow library routine (MLT)
+ pipes improved to used named pipes (REL)
+ curses.c patched for amiga profiler (MLT)
* New "sigdashes" tinrc variable (REL)
* New metamail tinrc variables (REL)
* art.c made header parsing case insensitive (MLT)
* art.c don't call str_dup with a blank string (MLT)
* attrib.c speed up reading attribute file (MLT)
* config.c speed up reading tinrc file (MLT)
* filter.c speed up reading filter file (MLT)
* hashstr.c speed up hash function and reduce mallocs (MLT)
* memory.c change calloc() to malloc() for speed (MLT)
* misc.c change copy_fp() to be quicker copying files (MLT)
* stricmp() and str_lwr() speed improved (MLT)
* newsrc.c small bug fixed (showed up after changing malloc call!) (MLT)
* page.c asking for metamail now configurable (REL)
* match_header speed improved (MLT)
* pgp.c one too many "void"s removed. (MLT)
* sigfile.c changed to configure sigdashes (REL)
FIX. various - applied supplied patch.
248) Urs Janssen (
BUG. x_headers attribute does not work for $HOME/filename format
FIX. post.c - applied supplied patch.
247) Urs Janssen (
BUG. Cannot cancel article if it has a Followup-To: line.
FIX. post.c - applied supplied patch.
246) Olivier Lacroix (
BUG. sum program after saving does not work on files such as 'abc&123'
FIX. save.c - applied supplied patch.
245) Iain Lea (
ADD. Added solaris entry to src/Makefile to link in corect libs.
244) Peter Van Rossem (
BUG. Problem with reading domainname when builtin inews reads from file.
FIX. inews.c - apllied supplied patch.
243) Bruce Momjian (
BUG. Memory exhaustion on rereading active file.
FIX. active.c - apllied supplied patch.
--950726BETA released--
242) Martin Buck (
BUG. Failed to compile cleanly on HPUX 9.
FIX. curses.c - applied supplied patch.
241) David O'Brien (
BUG. Failed to compile on FreeBSD.
FIX. tin.h screen.c - applied supplied patch.
240) Andrew Greer (
ADD. Added ever more VAX/VMS support.
239) Steven J. Madsen (
BUG. Minor PGP nitpicks.
FIX. README.PGP - applied supplied patch.
238) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. (+ = amiga specific, * = general).
+ Change Amiga makefile for PGP
+ Added stub for Amiga umask()
* Made PGP code look like "tin standard source".
* Removed some unix dependencies (eg /tmp) from pgp.c.
FIX. various - applied supplied patch.
237) Jack Bryans (
BUG. Non-existant DONT_HAVE_NNTP_EXTS define is mentioned in INSTALL
FIX. INSTALL - fixed typo.
236) Jeff Hurwitt (
BUG. An earlier patch to cancel code stopped it working on INN 1.4.
FIX. post.c - applied supplied patch.
235) Tom Dickey (
BUG. K&R cc on sunos fails to compile due to ansi c usage
FIX. pgp.c - changed void parameters for 2 functions.
234) Steve Beaty (
BUG. Reading nntp from another port than 119 does not work
FIX. nntplib.c - applied supplied patch.
--950621BETA released--
233) Steven J. Madsen (
BUG. PGP support only allows pgp to be in /usr/local/bin/pgp
FIX. pgp.c - applied supplied patch.
232) Andrew Greer (
ADD. Added more VAX/VMS support.
231) Marty Leisner (
BUG. Tar file of source always unpacks into same dir.
FIX. Makefile - changed to unpack into tin-1.X[beta-YYMMDD]
--950619BETA released--
230) Andrew Greer (
ADD. Beginnings of VAX/VMS support.
229) Martin Buck (
BUG. Filesystem full error could be handled better using ferror()
FIX. various - applied supplied patch.
228) Martin Kraemer (
BUG. SVR4 should use its own strftime() implementation from libc
FIX. various - applied supplied patch.
227) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. (+ = amiga specific, * = general).
* Added "use_metamail" flag to tinrc.
+ Changed max length of overview record to 2048
+ Changed Amiga metamail command to something that might work
FIX. various - applied supplied patch.
226) Steven J. Madsen (
ADD. PGP support for news and mail messages.
225) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. (+ = amiga specific, * = general).
* Fix command line groups to not corrupt newsrc
* Fix tin -w to not corrupt newsrc
* Fix find_group_index to not use strncmp
+ Get around a SAS/C compiler bug in inews.c
* Fix screen handling for tin -w
* Avoid calling malloc(0) in newsrc.c
* Fix tabwidth calculation
* Fix tin -w to multiple groups
* Remove code bloat from add_my_group
* Fix tab key when reading at thread list level
+ Update Amiga parsdate.c to match parsdate.y
FIX. various - applied supplied patch.
224) Bruce Momjian (
BUG. Cnews uses 'xref' instead of 'Xref' so crossposting inactive
FIX. art.c - apllied supplied patch.
223) Dan Zerkle (
BUG. Cancel subject header slightly wrong
FIX. post.c - applied fix.
--950520BETA released--
222) Tom Dickey (
BUG. add ^T to toggle tab stops
check for error conditions in post.c (cannot simply do strcpy...)
check for null pattern in wildmat.c
FIX. various - applied supplied patch.
221) Phil Edwards (
BUG. '.' command incorrectly formatted in manual page.
FIX. tin.1 - added delimiter character to get formatting working.
220) Bernd Ernesti (
BUG. Configuration for editor wrong for NetBSD.
FIX. config.h tin.h - applied supplied patch.
219) Iain Lea (
BUG. NeXT does not have strdup() routine as used in active.c line 345
FIX. active.c - changed to use included str_dup() routine
--950515BETA released--
218) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. (+ = amiga specific, * = general).
+ Fix possible one byte memory corruption in Amiga NNTP code.
* Change prompt_yn to return 1 (yes), 0 (no), -1 (esc).
* int instead of time_t in one place.
* Catchup now does correct thing on ESC.
* Fix moving a group. Could munge .newsrc in some circumstances.
+ Put const back into typedef for constext. Works with SAS/C 6.55.
FIX. various - applied supplied patch.
--950427BETA released--
217) Nigel Ellis (
BUG. Win32 still has a ways togo before its fully integrated.
FIX. various - applied supplied patch.
216) Larry Schwimmer (rosebud@cyclone.Stanford.EDU)
BUG. HP UX complains about curses.h double definition
FIX. curses.c - applied supplied patch.
215) Larry Schwimmer (rosebud@cyclone.Stanford.EDU)
BUG. OSF1 & gcc complain about prototypes and long instead of time_t
FIX. various - applied supplied patch.
214) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. When moving a group, TIN would unread all the articles you had
read in that session.
FIX. newsrc.c - applied supplied patch.
213) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. (+ = amiga specific, * = general).
+ Fix amiga console handling for putting Axsh into raw mode.
+ Fix date handling on Amiga.
+ Don't insert from headers on Amiga - it confuses postnews.
+ Fix time handling in actived.
+ Amiga readch() had rarely seen bug (if ever).
* Remove prototype for non-existent function.
* Don't assume \r is end of line from nntp server.
* Fix handling of bitmaps for unusual conditions.
* Don't skip an unread group when using 'C' from an article!
FIX. various - applied supplied patch.
212) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. More Minor warts in the AmigaDOS.
FIX. various - applied supplied patch.
--950211BETA released--
211) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. Using AMIGADATE again, Fixed compiling with NNTP without optimization,
changed some routines in art.c to static, fixed time zone handling,
removed purge_needed() and num_of_arts() (not used),
completely changed purging of overview files. Now -P only does
anything useful in tind.
improved parse_unread_arts() so count & bitmap is always correct
when entering a group, regardless of what's expired, or indexed,
changed a chdir() to my_chdir(), don't thread expired articles!,
changed definition of constext to reduce linker warnings,
stop actived from crashing when a new group is added to the end
of the newsgroups file,
made a few items const in parsdate.c to remove more linker warnings,
minor change to smakefile.
Fix error on pressing KEYMAP_RIGHT in a group with no articles in it.
FIX. various - applied supplied patch.
210) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. Minor warts in the AmigaDOS.
FIX. various - applied supplied patch.
209) Iain Lea (
BUG. When posting (via email) to a mailing list the From: line is
only the username ie. From: iain
FIX. post.c - added insert_from_header() to submit_mail_file()
208) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. Groupnames longer than 128 cause SIGSEGV.
FIX. tin.h - applied supplied patch.
207) Iain Lea (
BUG. Lots of dead code lying around (ie. CDROM defines)
FIX. various - deleted dead code for readability.
206) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. If a filter rule is entered by hand in the filter file in uppercase
and the rule is an ignore-case type the filter will fail.
FIX. filter.c - added str_lwr() to lowercase string as its read in.
205) Iain Lea (
ADD. Reading of global attributes, filter and tinrc site files before
reading in user copies in ~/.tin directory.
--941220BETA released--
From this point onwards the entries are from OLDEST to NEWEST !!!
CHANGES tin v1.2 PL2 -> tin 1.3 PL0
1) Colin Perkins (
BUG. Compile fails on Next due to use of uname()
FIX. config.h - applied supplied patch.
2) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. Would not compile on AmigaDOS.
FIX. applied supplied patch.
3) Bryan Dongray (
BUG. nntp NEXT art routine broken from supplied 12x patch.
FIX. open.c - applied supplied patch.
4) (Bill Potrais)
BUG. The FTP filename is not to intuitive and covers more that ftp.
FIX. renamed FTP file to HOWTOGET.
5) Andreas Borchert (
BUG. typos in the manual page.
FIX. tin.1 - applied supplied patch.
6) Jack Applin (
BUG. 'd' command at group index & thread level causes buf len to
be invalid when it is used later in the routine.
FIX. group.c thread.c - applied supplied patch.
7) Iain Lea (
ADD. On linux machines automatically define HAVE_ISPELL for ispell.
8) Michael O'Reilly (
BUG. The problem is if two groups like 'abc.def' and 'abc.def.ghi' hash
to the same thing, and abc.def.ghi is earlier in the chain, then
strncmp("abc.def.ghi", "abc.def", strlen("abc.def"))
will suceed, which you don't want as its found the wrong group.
FIX. active.c - applied supplied patch.
9) Tom Dickey (
BUG. Many variables are given values but they are never used later.
FIX. applied supplied patch.
10) Richard Perlman ()
BUG. If groups are specified on the cmdline and only 1 matches then
it should automatically enter the group and show subjects.
FIX. main.c - added code to enter group if only one group matched.
11) Andreas Wrede (
BUG. Would not compile on OS/2 machines.
FIX. applied supllied patch.
12) Keith Howell (
BUG. qsort() causes a compiler warning on Linux machines.
FIX. config.h - applied supplied patch.
13) Gerry Pratt (
BUG. mouse does not work correctly when tin is suspended in xterm.
FIX. signal.c - added set_xmouse_off() to all relavant points.
Thanx to Bryan Dongray for the patch.
14) Iain Lea (
ADD. page.c - added support to display Keywords: & Summary: header lines.
15) Doug Sewell (
BUG. When reading news from the local spool, the Xref: support to nuke
cross-postings didn't seem to be working.
FIX. main.c - applied supplied patch.
16) Bryan Dongray (
BUG. eat_re() function does not strip whitespace from end of subjects.
FIX. misc.c - applied supplied patch.
17) Iain Lea (
BUG. Delete & Undelete group are pretty useless considering Sub & Unsub.
FIX. select.c - removed commands.
18) Iain Lea (
BUG. The auto subscribe to groups the first time tin is started does
not save state of users initial Sub & Unsubscribe selections.
FIX. newsrc.c - rewrote auto_subscribe_groups().
19) Iain Lea (
BUG. 't'ag article in unthreaded mode always does a full screen refresh.
FIX. group.c - rewrote tag command when in unthreaded mode.
20) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. for() loop was not being correctly completed in getopt() function.
FIX. amiga.c os_2.c - applied supplied patch.
21) Tom Parry (
BUG. -w command line options will fail if 1st group in active is moderated.
FIX. post.c select.c - applied supplied patch.
22) Iain Lea (
BUG. newsrc.c is so muddled with the sequencer & bitmap code its hard to
read and understand.
FIX. newsrc.c - started rewriting functions for simplicity.
23) Reinhard Luebke (
BUG. Would not compile nntplib.c on DomainOS SR 10.4
FIX. Makefile - applied supplied patch.
24) Geoffrey Keating (
BUG. valid_artnum() variable dtop is a macro in param.h on a Pyramid.
FIX. art.c - applied supplied patch.
25) John Schmitz <>
BUG. the NSETBLK macro should be NRESETBLK in the mark_group_read().
FIX. newsrc.c - applied supplied patch.
26) Marty Leisner (
BUG. I can't seem to send a bug report in tin anymore.
FIX. Correctly documented man page to reflect use of 'R' for bug reports.
27) Boleslaw Ciesielski (
BUG. -P option doesn't work at all, i.e. the expired articles are being
found but they are not deleted from the index.
FIX. art.c - applied supplied patch.
28) Toomas Tamm (
BUG. Mangled Reply-To: addresses are not parsed properly.
FIX. post.c - process found Reply-To: address with parse_from() call.
29) Jim Robinson (
BUG. Prototype incorrect on SunOS when compiling with -DDEBUG.
FIX. extern.h - applied supplied patch.
30) Mike Holmes (
BUG. '=' command does something different than help text says.
FIX. lang.c - updated text for '=' command.
31) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. compare functions used in checking for new groups are incorrect.
FIX. active.c - applied supplied patch.
32) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. AmigaDOS version does not check if LF on end of environment variable.
FIX. amiga.c - applied supplied patch.
33) Iain Lea (
BUG. USE_CLEARSCREEN is redundant code.
FIX. Removed all code relating to use of USE_CLEARSCREEN.
34) Iain Lea (
ADD. Added full support for reading and writing nov style index files.
Removed support for XINDEX and tin native style index files.
35) Iain Lea (
BUG. nntpd server patch is out of date & in some cases incorrect.
FIX. nntpd.patch - created new patch against nntpt5.tar.gz from
36) Iain Lea (
ADD. page.c - added 'e' command to edit an article (mailgroups only).
37) Steve Alvey (
BUG. Problem with tin growing to ~5Mb when checking for new groups.
FIX. tin.h active.c - applied supplied patch.
38) Iain Lea (
ADD. filter.c - added new article filtering routines that allow more
control on whats filtered. New features are filtering (kill/select)
on Lines:, Message-ID: as well as From: & Subject: lines.
Also added a expire flag that allows certain filters to be deleted
after a certain number of days (default 28 thats configurable in
~/.tin/tinrc config file). Filtering lists have been split into
global and group specific to speed up filtering. Filters have
also been added that can be applied to a wildcard specified groups
(scope=comp.os.linux.*) in global filters list (default=*).
Kill command is now Ctrl-K and auto-select command is Ctrl-A.
39) Mark Walker (
BUG. Tabs in newsgroup descriptions cause garbled screen.
FIX. mail.c - stripped tabs from newsgroups description as read.
40) Juergen Schroeder (schroeii@papin.HRZ.Uni-Marburg.DE)
BUG. Date formats to 1 Jan 1970 under AIX.
FIX. config.h - added AIX to machines that HAVE_STRFTIME.
41) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. Updated AmigaDOS directory routines.
FIX. amiga.c - applied supplied patch.
42) Hal Jespersen (
BUG. Would not compile on AUX 3.0 machine.
FIX. config.h - applied supplied patch.
43) Iain Lea (
ADD. open.c - added NNTPPORT env variable to allow tcp port other than 119.
44) Ulli Horlacher (
BUG. help screen text for X command is not very clear.
FIX. lang.c - applied supplied patch.
45) Iain Lea (
ADD. Added a better directory structure (doc, src, include etc.)
--270194APLHA released--
46) Alain Lasserre (
BUG. Would not compile on QNX4.2 machine.
FIX. applied supplied patch.
47) Iain Lea (
ADD. Added catchup group when leaving group with left arrow key.
Really allows driving tin with 4 arrow keys. Configurable
by tinrc option. Default is ON.
48) Tom Dickey (
BUG. Deref'ing a NULL pointer possible in filter_articles() if filter
file ~/.tin/filter does not exist.
FIX. filter.c - applied supplied patch.
49) Mark Tomlinson ( & Tom Dickey (
BUG. newsrc routines can cause SIGSEGV
FIX. applied supplied patch.
50) Earle F. Ake (
BUG. You cannot cancel your own post in a moderated group.
FIX. post.c - applied supplied patch.
--070294APLHA released--
51) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. page viewer display code was duplicated in a couple of routines.
FIX. applied supplied patch.
52) Iain Lea (
BUG. The code that sets the index file is outdated and badly done.
FIX. art.c - rewrote pcFindNovFile() routine.
53) Iain Lea (
TIN_INDEX_SAVEDIR and documented them in the manual page.
--150294APLHA released--
54) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. new page viewer display code had a buglet in rot13 part.
FIX. page.c - applied supplied patch.
55) Tom Dickey (
BUG. 'u'nthread command does not work at group level.
FIX. art.c - applied supplied patch.
56) Iain Lea (
BUG. Filter expiration had a bug that causeed empty rules in filter file.
FIX. filter.c - added checks to the filter reading & writing routines.
57) Iain Lea (
BUG. Does not support Y/N when subscribing to new groups that allows Y
to subscribe to the rest of the groups and N to unsubscribe to the
rest of the new groups. yn still work the same (ie. on single groups)
FIX. active.c - changed prompt_subscribe_group() to handle 'YyNnq' input.
--220294APLHA released--
58) Ronald Orr (
BUG. Explanation of builtin inews not as clear as it could be.
FIX. INSTALL - applied supplied patch.
59) Tom Dickey (
BUG. Signal hander definition code was not complete.
FIX. signal.c - applied supplied patch.
60) Iain Lea (
BUG. If nntp read access is not allowed tin starts but cannot
read any articles.
FIX. open.c - added test to see if reading from server allowed.
61) Tilman Burmester (
BUG. MIME header detection does not use "Context-Transfer-Encoding".
FIX. page.c - applied supplied patch.
62) Tom Dickey (
BUG. Tagging articles does refresh screen efficently.
FIX. group.c - applied supplied patch.
63) Sean Casey (
BUG. Would not compile on Pyramid machine.
FIX. tin.h - applied supplied patch.
64) Iain Lea (
BUG. Articles marked by z/Z should not be reshown going to next art.
FIX. thread.c - ignore articles marked WILL_RETURN in next_unread()
65) Tilman Burmester (
BUG. Updated latin-1 character set support routines.
FIX. charset.c page.c - applied supplied patch.
66) Alain Lasserre (
BUG. lAtol() was wrong on QNX4.2 machines.
FIX. mail.c open.c - applied supplied patch.
--020394BETA released--
67) Iain Lea (
BUG. Mail groups index files are always rebuilt when in nntp mode.
FIX. open.c - added check to open_xover_fp() if group type is mail.
68) Iain Lea (
BUG. Article viewer does not update changes in article after editing.
FIX. mail.c - added screen redraw after editing article in mailgroups.
69) Paul Kramer (
ADD. doc/intro.txt - gentle introduction document to tin.
70) Iain Lea (
BUG. Many people have problems reading the INSTALL file (or so they say).
FIX. INSTALL - Moved the mail address variables section to the top of file.
71) Iain Lea (
BUG. iCopyFile() function would not compile on K&R compiler.
FIX. misc.c - Modified function declaration.
72) Markus Kuhn (??)
ADD. doc/iso2asc.txt - document explaining iso2ascii encoding scheme.
73) Iain Lea (
ADD. misc.c post.c - strfmailer() function to allow using an external
mailer with options specified in tinrc (ie. "elm -s %S %T < %F").
74) Dan Greenspan (
BUG. CFLAGS is used instead of COPTS in text throughout INSTALL doc.
FIX. INSTALL - applied supplied patch.
75) Iain Lea (
ADD. doc/rfc977.txt doc/rfc1036.txt news reference documents.
76) Iain Lea (
BUG. builtin inews not producing correct Path: entry when posting.
FIX. inews.c - Added extra check to add domain name to hostname in Path:.
77) Iain Lea (
BUG. Decoding uuencode articles does not always work.
FIX. save.c - Added better test for 'begin' line.
--310394BETA released--
78) Roland Rosenfeld (
BUG. MET DST type dates are not parsed correctly.
FIX. parsdate.y - applied supplied patch.
79) Jason Wessel (
BUG. Would not compile on Sequent OS due to missing strtol()
FIX. misc.c - applied supplied patch.
80) Reinhard Luebke (
ADD. ./amiga/smakefile for AmigaDOS SAS C compiler > v6.50
81) Reinhard Luebke (
BUG. Buffer overrun in match_header() in page.c
FIX. page.c - applied supplied patch.
82) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. NNTP support missing in AmigaDOS version.
FIX. applied supplied patch.
83) Tom Parry (
BUG. Lines: header is not added to posted articles.
FIX. applied supplied patch.
84) Iain Lea (
BUG. Linux uses the file /etc/HOSTNAME for domain name info.
FIX. inews.c - Added test for /etc/HOSTNAME
--150594BETA released--
85) Iain Lea (
BUG. Default save filename on a per group basis not supported.
FIX. feed.c - Added savefile global/group attribute test for filename.
86) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. Misc odds & bobs.
FIX. applied supplied patch.
87) Iain Lea (
ADD. ./doc/FAQ to answer frequently asked questions.
88) Iain Lea (
BUG. Mouse support cannot be switched OFF if running in a xterm.
FIX. Added 'use_mouse=' tinrc variable to switch mouse support ON/OFF.
89) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. NNTP support for AmigaDOS will not compile.
FIX. applied supplied patch.
90) James Morris (
BUG. HOME shell variable could overwrite buffer length.
FIX. init.c - applied supplied patch.
91) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. DEFAULT_MAILER define for AmigaDOS incorrect.
FIX. tin.h - applied supplied patch.
92) Reinhard Luebke (
BUG. Using random sigs causes pwd to be changed when leaving tin.
FIX. sigfile.c - applied supplied patch.
93) Iain Lea (
BUG. Group attributes only work on a per group basis. Would be
good to have them scope over groups that cover the same
theme ie. *sources* or comp.os.linux.*
FIX. attrib.c - changed to support attribute scoping over more
than 1 group. Changed group= keyword to scope=
94) Iain Lea (
ADD. attrib.c filter.c - added quick_{kill|select}_scope attributes
to allow finer control over kill & auto-select scoping using
the quick kill ('[') and auto-select (']') commands.
--940606BETA released--
95) Andreas Wrede (
BUG. Compiling with -DDEBUG caused errors in debug.c
FIX. debug.c - changed filter_ to quick_ in attributes.
96) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. Options in Amiga smakefile needed changing.
FIX. smakefile - applied supplied patch.
97) Iain Lea (
BUG. ISO2ASC charset conversion was always on.
FIX. tin.h init.c - Added DEFAULT_ISO2ASC define that allows setting
default decoding table to use. Can be overridden by the ISO2ASC
shell variable.
98) Iain Lea (
ADD. attrib.c groups.c - Added auto_select= group attribute that when
set to ON only hot articles will be shown when entering a group.
Non-hot unread articles can be viewed by using the 'X' command.
99) Richard Lloyd (
BUG. HP 800 series machines do not have the poll() system call.
FIX. config.h - applied supplied patch.
100) Troy Cauble (
BUG. SIGSEGV when printing an article that has From name butno Username.
FIX. feed.c - applied aupplied patch.
101) Steve Beaty (
BUG. New mail indeicator could sometimes be wrong.
FIX. misc.c - applied supplied patch.
102) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. Newsrc parsing still suspect.
FIX. amiga.c newsrc.c - applied supplied patch.
103) Ralf W. Stephan (
BUG. 'm' mail thread and then q)uit still mails the thread.
FIX. feed.c - applied supplied patch.
104) Tom Dickey (
BUG. Various portability issues.
FIX. applied supplied patch.
--940628BETA released--
105) Oleg Ohotnikov (
BUG. FIDO gated messages need to support X-Comment-To: headers
FIX. page.c post.c - applied supplied patch.
106) Ralf W. Stephan (
BUG. Manual page incorrectly documented article tagging.
FIX. tin.1 - applied supplied patch.
107) Iain Lea (
BUG. Articles can be posted with an incomplete From: line.
FIX. inews.c - Check to see if a '.' exists after the '@' in From: line.
108) Alan Silverstein (
BUG. Posting of badly formatted articles should be warned against.
FIX. post.c - applied supplied patch.
109) Iain Lea (
BUG. 'S' command only applies regex to yanked in groups after a 'y'
when the user may not know about the required yank in step.
FIX. select.c - Checked all of active file after .newsrc groups.
110) Bruce Hague (
BUG. Indexing indicator 10/23 overwrites ... in prompt string
FIX. screen.c - set temp variable in show_progess() to NULL.
111) Iain Lea (
ADD. added spin cursor routine to give user progress report.
112) Iain Lea (
ADD. config.c group.c - added auto_list_thread= tinrc variable to
automatically list thread when entering it using right arrow
--940713BETA released--
113) Iain Lea (
BUG. Kill command within page level when called from thread level
caused assert()
FIX. page.c thread.c - If kill worked then return to group index level.
114) Bruce Hague (
BUG. When 'n' pressed at catchup group prompt it should return to
group selection level leaving group unread.
FIX. group.c - moved return code outside catchup if ().
--940718BETA released--
115) Iain Lea (
BUG. When S command is used the groupnames length are not updated.
FIX. select.c - added a set_groupname_len() call to 'S' command.
116) Tom Dickey (
BUG. Various portability issues.
FIX. applied supplied patch.
117) Ralf Stephan (
BUG. Man page wrongly documents 'o' and 't' commands.
FIX. tin.1 - applied supplied patch.
118) Iain Lea (
ADD. Removed -p and added -C cmd line option.
119) Iain Lea (
BUG. When telnet fails tin goes into 90% Cpu state.
FIX. signal.c - commented out SIGHUP redirection.
--940725BETA released--
120) Reinhard Luebke (
BUG. 'x' repost article command does not work.
FIX. feed.c post.c - applied supplied patch.
121) Paul Kramer (
ADD. doc/cmdref[1234].txt - command reference guide.
122) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. Case sensitive filtering does not always work.
FIX. filter.c - applied supplied patch.
123) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. AmigaDOS has 64K text segments that are overrun due to lang.c
FIX. extern.h lang.c - applied supplied patch.
--940801BETA released--
124) Iain Lea (
BUG. 'C' catches up ok but goes to next group instead of next unread.
FIX. group.c page.c - added code to TAB into next unread group.
125) Iain Lea (
ADD. page.c - added quick_{kill|select} '[' & ']' filter commands.
to article viewer level.
126) Iain Lea (
BUG. Article kill & auto-select on Lines: header (useful in *source*)
groups does not work.
FIX. filter.c - rewrote Lines: filtering code to work with == < >num
ie. <10 selects/kills articles with less than 10 lines while
>300 selects/kills articles with more than 300 lines. Entering
just 22 selects/kills articles with exactly 22 lines.
127) Iain Lea (
BUG. Articles marked as auto-selected are still being tested against.
FIX. filter.c - Added test to not filter on already selected articles.
--940808BETA released--
128) Andreas Wrede (
BUG. Compiling with -DDEBUG caused errors in debug.c
FIX. debug.c - applied supplied patch.
129) Iain Lea (
BUG. Answering 'n' to reconnect to server does not exit immediately.
FIX. misc.c - Added test to check if tin_done() retcode was nntp error.
130) Mark Tomlinson (
Reinhard Luebke (
BUG. Added extra unix type functionality to AmigaDOS port.
FIX. applied supplied patch.
131) Tom Parry (
BUG. If nov files are stored under a directory with a '.' in its name
it will never be found due to vMakeGrpPath() replacing with '/'.
FIX. mail.c - applied supplied patch.
132) Iain Lea (
BUG. A '\n' in a nov header line causes the parsing to return an error.
FIX. art.c - Change all '\n' in the headers to a ' '.
133) Ralf Stephan (
BUG. Man page typos.
FIX. tin.1 - applied supplied patch.
134) Ralf Stephan (
ADD. German language manual page.
--940815BETA released--
135) Steve Robbins (
ADD. menukeys.h *.c - the beginning of multi-language support.
136) Iain Lea (
CHANGE. Mouse under xterm is now more consistant at all levels:
Button1 - enter next level if on a article otherwise page down.
Button2 - return to upper level if on a article otherwise page up.
Button3 - position on article line under mouse cursor.
Also added support for mouse clicking at article page level:
Button1 - enter next level if on a article otherwise page down.
Button2 - return to upper level if on a article otherwise page up.
Button3 - position on article line under mouse cursor.
137) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. newsrc is reread to often on AmigaDOS.
FIX. signal.c - applied supplied patch.
138) Iain Lea (
BUG. When mail/save/print/repost/pipe commands are used read articles
are processed as well as unread. Not good if trying to save just
the new articles in a thread etc.
FIX. feed.c - added check to only process unread articles.
139) Steve Beaty (
BUG. Newsrc files permissions are changed to 644 by tin (not good for
prying eyes)
FIX. newsrc.c - applied supplied patch.
140) Harald Milz (
BUG. make install_manpage target does not work.
FIX. src/Makefile - fixed to use new variables INS_MANUAL_*.
141) Nigel Ellis ( & Piers Haken (
ADD. Win32 support.
--940826BETA released--
142) Iain Lea (
BUG. From: lines containing "subdomain.domain" are allowed.
FIX. inews.c - added check for "subdomain.domain" in From: line.
143) Tim Rice (
BUG. timeout variable in art.c cause a compile error on Altos machines.
FIX. art.c - applied supplied patch
144) Iain Lea (
BUG. Pressing a Q can sometimes be due to CAPSLOCK and on a slow line
one will have to wait while it loads.
FIX. select.c - added y/n prompt to quit tin.
145) Tom Parry (
BUG. New mail check returns true even if mailbox is size 0.
FIX. misc.c - applied supplied patch.
146) Iain Lea (
BUG. Writing newsrc causes 0 length file if filesystem full.
FIX. newsrc.c - added check to see if newnewsrc size is 0 and if so
don't rename it newsrc therefore keeping old state.
147) Prentiss Riddle (
ADD. group.c - added 'M' flag to group title if moderated group.
148) Dave Hill (
BUG. hash_groupname() returns wrong groupname in *rare* cases.
FIX. active.c - applied supplied patch.
149) Bruce Hague (
BUG. Purify found an unitialized memory read in strip_line().
FIX. select.c - applied supplied patch.
150) Iain Lea (
ADD. config.c - added tinrc variable 'process_only_unread=' to control
if all/just unread articles are to be piped/saved/mailed etc.
--941010BETA released--
151) Iain Lea (
BUG. Tagging multiple articles for uudecod'ing only does the first one.
FIX. save.c - added more intelligent processing of each file.
152) Iain Lea (
BUG. If kill rule is before select rule on same text in filter array
the kill will succeed even though select should have priority.
FIX. filter.c - changed write filter file to do 2 passes over filter
rules so that select rules are written before kill rules.
153) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. More fixes for the AmigaDOS support
FIX. amiga/* - applied supplied patch.
154) Steve Robbins (
FIX. hardcoded language strings in prompt_yn() routine.
ADD. menukeys.h *.c - applied supplied patch.
155) Bruce Hague (
BUG. Purify found a memory leak in quick_filter_select_posted_art().
FIX. filter.c - applied supplied patch.
156) Bruce Hague (
BUG. Yes/no prompt when quitting cannot be turned off.
FIX. config.c select.c - added a confirm_quit tinrc variable.
--941027BETA released--
157) Andreas Siegert (
BUG. IBM AIX xlc compiler barfs on char bitfield in tin.h
FIX. tin.h - applied supplied patch.
158) Bruce Hague (
BUG. Mark thread unread is not documented in help screen.
FIX. lang.c - applied supplied patch.
159) Tom Dickey (
BUG. ART_ADJUST macro for art count in thread is wrong.
FIX. group.c - applied supplied patch.
160) Nigel Ellis (
BUG. Win32 support still not fully implemented.
FIX. various - applied supplied patch.
--941028BETA released--
161) Larry Schwimmer (
BUG. Posting an article on SunOS causes SIGSEGV.
FIX. post.c - check if pcFindArtHeader() returns valid value.
162) Iain Lea (
ADD. post.c - added post & response to mailing lists that have
been gatewayed into news groups. 'w' post & 'f' follow-up
article mail message to mailing list address specified in
attributes file
Useful to me for particapating in the Linux mailing lists.
I have the following entries in ~/.tin/attributes file:
# mailing_list=STRING (ie.
# x_headers=STRING (ie. ~/.tin/extra-headers)
x_headers=X-Mn-Key: KERNEL
x_headers=X-Mn-Key: NET
NOTE: Look at the doc/attrib.txt file for examples!
163) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. Win32 net code could be seperated into win32tcp.[ch] files.
FIX. amiga/* nntplib.c - applied supplied patch.
164) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. Reconnect to nntp server not fully implemented.
FIX. nntplib.c - applied supplied patch.
165) Tom Dickey (
BUG. Proto target wrong in Makefile and minor nitpickings.
FIX. Makefile various - applied supplied patch.
166) Helmut Geyer (??)
BUG. Tagged articles should be processed irrespective of whether
they are read or unread.
FIX. feed.c - removed unread check for tagged articles.
167) Iain Lea (
BUG. Writing of message header lines should be consistant.
FIX. post.c - added msg_[init|add|write|free]_header(s) routines.
--941107BETA released--
168) Dave Schweisguth (
BUG. wintcp.h is #included but file does not exist.
FIX. nntplib.c win32tcp.c - changed wintcp.h to win32tcp.h
169) Iain Lea (
BUG. Adding user defined headers to messages is pretty awkward.
FIX. init.c post.c - reads contents of ~/.tin/headers file that
contains header lines to add to created mail/news messages.
ie. Organization: Bits & Bobs Inc.
170) Bruce Hague (
BUG. Purify found a memory leak in check_article_to_be_posted().
FIX. post.c - applied supplied patch.
171) Bruce Hague (
BUG. Posting and mailing seem to have been broken since last beta.
FIX. post.c - fixed minor problems in msg_write_headers().
172) Tom Dickey (
BUG. Minor nitpickings ie. int -> size_t.
FIX. various - applied supplied patch.
--941109BETA released--
173) Tom Dickey (
BUG. Mouse actions in xterm are not 100% (+ minor nitpicks).
FIX. various doc/tin.1 - applied supplied patch.
175) Iain Lea (
BUG. delete_article() does not use msg_*_header() routines.
FIX. post.c - added msg_*_header(s) routines to delete_article().
176) Iain Lea (
ADD. post.c - added automatic saving of posted & followup-to messages
to ~/Mail/posted mailbox file. Can be turned off by default by
adding following 2 lines to ~/.tin/attributes file:
177) Iain Lea (
ADD. post.c - added attribute variable x_body= to add bolierplate
text to message body when posting or following upto a message.
NOTE: Look at the doc/attrib.txt file for examples!
178) Iain Lea (
ADD. doc/forward.txt doc/procmail.txt - added example files that I use
to gateway the linux mailing lists into local newsgroups.
179) Iain Lea (
BUG. setup_base() does not issue nntp LISTGROUP command if not talking
to an INN server. That was correct but the newer nntp t6 reference
implementation and maybe others also support this.
FIX. open.c - removed inn_nntp_server check.
180) Nigel Ellis (
ADD. various - Further support for Win32.
181) Iain Lea (
BUG. Append to and overwrite a file when saving a message not supported.
FIX. open.c - added append/overwrite logic to save_art_to_file().
--941114BETA released--
182) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. Amiga stack checking, added BBS mode (-B) for secure file
operations, fixed some prototypes to allo -DDEBUG to work,
added help messages for some options, fixed reading of arts
beyond max number in active file, fixed/simplified file name
handling in save.c, minor change to makefile and make sure
all temporary NNTP files are deleted on exit.
FIX. various - applied supplied patch.
183) Iain Lea (
ADD. doc/son1036.txt - Son of RFC 1036 document for Usenet standards.
184) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. Increased timeout in amiga TCP code, changed cursor rendition so
that it is now usable by other OS's. Fixed window size/cursor
rendition for non-console Amiga terminals. Since amiga's parsdate
is separate, added a few __far's on constant data to cut down on
copied data section. (Saves 2K of memory for the first user, and
4K for each subsequent user!).
FIX. various - applied supplied patch.
185) Larry Schwimmer (
BUG. DEFAULT_EDITOR should also be settable via Makefile.
FIX. tin.h Makefile - applied supplied patch.
--941121BETA released--
186) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. MoveCursor caused an illegal memory hit if curses wasn't initialised
under AmigaDOS/OS2/Win. Fixed searching for HOSTNAME for AmigaDOS.
Inews put incorrect path when NNTP_INEWS_DOMAIN didn't begin with '.'.
FIX. various - applied supplied patch.
187) David Tiller (
BUG. If you answer no to append to existing file question you get SIGSEGV.
FIX. save.c - applied supplied patch.
188) Iain Lea (
BUG. Post processing and deleting tmp files still called if nothing saved.
FIX. save.c - added any_saved_files() routine to check for any saved files.
189) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. Used constext type in charset.c. Updated config.h for M_AMIGA.
Changed add headers so home:.tin/headers was recognised as a
file name, and not a header! (Now checks for space or tab after
':' character.
FIX. various - applied supplied patch.
--941128BETA released--
190) Iain Lea (
BUG. SunOS 4.1.3 cc would not compile save.c
FIX. save.c - changed parameter index to indexnum.
191) Shih-Kun Huang (
BUG. make_thread() uses a O(n^2) algorithm to thread the articles.
FIX. art.c hashstr.c - Changed O(n^2) to O(n) at the expense of one
extra int for each "hash node". Speedup will really be noticed
when there are 000's of articles in a group.
[ Iain: I got a x8-x30 speedup on groups with 3000-5900 articles!!! ]
192) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. Made amigatcp compile with latest AmiTCP headers.
Rewrote actived program for AmigaDOS.
FIX. amigatcp.h amiga/actived.c - applied supplied patch.
193) Iain Lea (
BUG. Certain newsrc sequences are parsed incorrectly.
FIX. newsrc.c - corrected one off error in parameter to NSETRNG0().
194) Iain Lea (
BUG. NSETRNG0/1() macro marks bitmap wrong if constructing byte bitmask.
FIX. xref.c - Used for() loop calling NSET0/1() macro instead of bitmask.
195) Iain Lea (
BUG. g goto group command does not always subscribe the group it finds.
FIX. newsrc.c - set group to SUBSCRIBED where group was not in newsrc.
196) Iain Lea (
BUG. S *pattern* causes subscribe to grow and grow memory and crash.
FIX. select.c - changed active[my_group[i]] to active[i] in 2nd loop.
--941205BETA released--
197) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. backup_newsrc() routine does not write linefeeds for each line.
FIX. newsrc.c - added linefeed to each line as its written.
198) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. Removed some redundant assignments & variables.
Removed pcFindGrpPath() since it is no longer called.
Fixed calls to NSETRNGx since the calling interface changed.
Fixed amiga/actived to not use CST timezone.
FIX. various - applied supplied patch.
199) Iain Lea (
BUG. g command that doubles bitmap size after adding group and entering
it also does not show num unread arts.
FIX. newsrc.c - added code to initialize bitmap if no newsrc seq.
--941213BETA released--
200) Jeff M. Garzik (
BUG. Don't display NNTP port when connecting unless its not 119
FIX. open.c - added check to see what nntp port number is used.
201) Bill Frolik (
BUG. A prompt should be displayed when articles have been tagged
before quiting or catching up in a group.
FIX. group.c - applied supplied patch.
202) Chris Lewis (
BUG. Does not support new AUTHINFO GENERIC code for nntp 1.5.12/INN 1.5
FIX. open.c - applied supplied patch.
203) Mark Tomlinson (
BUG. vWriteNovFile() contains dead code.
FIX. art.c - applied supplied patch.
204) Iain Lea (
BUG. NNTP_INEWS_GATEWAY and NNTP_INEWS_DOMAIN are incorrectly named as
they are also used when not compiled for NNTP.
FIX. inews.c post.c - changed all NNTP_INEWS_* to INEWS_MAIL_*.