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Welcome to Fvwm default config. This config intend to be simple and clean
but with all a modern desktop should have.

Featurelist of Fvwm Default Config:
- 4 virtual desktop pages
- Taskbar to show running apps per page
- Systray (if stalonetray is installed)
- date and time (if xclock is installed)
- Lock desk & screensaver (if xscreensaver is installed)
- Application menu via fvwm-menu-desktop (python version)
- Personal menu via FvwmScript-PersonalMenu (It can find in the script 
  folder. Should be copied into $FVWM_USERDIR or /usr/share/fvwm/ )
- Background configurable with thumb browser (if ImageMagick and eterm 
  is installed)
- Animation control of window moves
- Simple "Run" command with FvwmForm
- Help messages for mouse bindings in titlebar, window, corners, sides 
  and icon with Shift-Alt-Ctrl + click
- Help messages for key bindings with Shift-Alt-Ctrl + key (see on 
  - A global one with Shift-Alt-Ctrl + H
- Dynamic menus
- Switching focus between windows with Alt-Tab
- Splash screen
- Print messages for needed apps for full config functionality in 

mandatory:	Fvwm >= 2.6.6 (currently CVS version) compiled with 
		libxpm and libpng)
recommended: 	FvwmScript-PersonalMenu, xterm, stalonetray, xclock,
		xscreensaver, eterm, imagemagick, wm-icons
nice to have:	Volume Icon, fdpowermon, gnomes network manager,

Default started systray apps, if stalonetray is installed:
- Volume Icon: lightweight volume control 
- fdpowermon: simple battery power monitor 
- nm-applet: gnomes network manager (
- bluetooth-applet: gnomes bluetooth applet 

Btw. it doesn't matter if they not installed. Skipped then ;-)


Alt+Tab                           Switching focus between windows
Alt+Print                         Screenshot of the whole desktop (page)

Shift-Alt+F1                      Open root menu
Shift-Alt+F2                      Launch 'run' dialog box
Shift-Alt+F3                      Show window list
Shift-Alt+F4                      Close active window
Shift-Alt+F5                      Not used
Shift-Alt+F6                      Cycle between same resource windows
Shift-Alt+F7                      Move active window
Shift-Alt+F8                      Resize active window
Shift-Alt+F9                      Minimize active window
Shift-Alt+F10                     Maximize/restore active window
Shift-Alt+F11                     Maximize active window to fullscreen and back
Shift-Alt+F12                     Identify active window

-> Help message with Shift-Alt-Ctrl + A

Shift-Ctrl+F1                     Open full windows oops menu
Shift-Ctrl+F2                     Launch FvwmConsole

Shift-Ctrl+D                      Hide/unhide all windows
Shift-Ctrl+L                      Lock Screen
Shift-Ctrl+T                      Launch Terminal
Shift-Ctrl+Print                  Screenshot of the active window

-> Help message with Shift-Alt-Ctrl + C

Shift-Alt+1			  Switch to page 1 with active window
Shift-Alt+2			  Switch to page 2 with active window
Shift-Alt+3			  Switch to page 3 with active window
Shift-Alt+4			  Switch to page 4 with active window

Shift-Alt+Cursor right            Switch to page right with active window
Shift-Alt+Cursor left             Switch to page left with active window

Shift-Ctrl+1			  Switch to page 1
Shift-Ctrl+2			  Switch to page 2
Shift-Ctrl+3			  Switch to page 3
Shift-Ctrl+4			  Switch to page 4

Shift-Ctrl+cursor right           Switch to page right
Shift-Ctrl+cursor left            Switch to page left

Shift-Alt-Ctrl+cursor right       Scroll right by 10% of a page
Shift-Alt-Ctrl+cursor left        Scroll left by 10% of a page

Ctrl-Alt+cursor right             Move mouse pointer right by 1% of a page
Ctrl-Alt+cursor left              Move mouse pointer left by 1% of a page
Ctrl-Alt+cursor up                Move mouse pointer up by 1% of a page
Ctrl-Alt+cursor down              Move mouse pointer down by 1% of a page

-> Help message with Shift-Alt-Ctrl + P(age)

Mouse bindings:
  | ||  ||  || |
  |	           |
    1   2   3

  | V                                                -  +  X |
  |                                                          |

Left (V):
Button 1: shows MenuWindowOpsTrimmed menu
Button 2: shows Move to page menu
Button 3: shows WindowOps group menu

Close (X):
Every button close window

Maximize (+):
Button 1: maximize window
Button 2: maximize window vertically
Button 3: maximize window horizontally

Minimize (-):
Button 1: iconify window
Button 2: iconify group of same window resources
Button 3: iconify/deiconify group of same window resources

Mouse on windows decoration:
Titlebar, corners and sides:
Button 1:   Drag moves window, maximize on double click
Button 2:   Drag moves window, raise or lower with click
Button 3:   WindowOpsTrimmed menu with click, MenuWindowOpsFull menu with 
            ALT + click
Button 4/5: Rolling wheel on titlebar up/down shades/unshades

Mouse on window area:
Button 1:   Root menu with ALT + click
Button 2:   Drag + ALT moves window, raise or lower with ALT + click

Mouse on Icons (iconified):
Button 1:   Drag moves icon, deiconify with double click, root menu with 
            ALT + click
Button 2:   Deiconify icon with click, all of the same resource group with 
            CTRL + click
Button 3:   WindowOpsTrimmed menu with click
	    WindowGroupOps menu with CTRL + click

Mouse on Root area:
Button 1:   Root menu
Button 2:   Window list
Button 3:   WindowOpsFull menu

Button 4/5: Switch to page left/right with SHIFT-ALT + rolling wheel 
            up/down anywhere
Button 4/5: Switch with active window to page left/right with SHIFT-CTRL
            + rolling wheel up/down anywhere