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id: habets38_sweepsinkv
label: sweepsinkv
category: '[habets38]'
imports: import habets38
make: habets38.sweepsinkv(${tag}, ${vlen}, ${samp_rate})
# Make one 'parameters' list entry for every parameter you want settable from the GUI.
# Keys include:
# * id (makes the value accessible as \$keyname, e.g. in the make entry)
# * label (label shown in the GUI)
# * dtype (e.g. int, float, complex, byte, short, xxx_vector, ...)
- id: tag
label: Label
dtype: string
- id: vlen
label: vlen
dtype: int
- id: samp_rate
label: "Sample Rate"
dtype: float
default: 8000000
# Make one 'inputs' list entry per input and one 'outputs' list entry per output.
# Keys include:
# * label (an identifier for the GUI)
# * domain (optional - stream or message. Default is stream)
# * dtype (e.g. int, float, complex, byte, short, xxx_vector, ...)
# * vlen (optional - data stream vector length. Default is 1)
# * optional (optional - set to 1 for optional inputs. Default is 0)
- label: input
domain: stream
dtype: float
vlen: ${ vlen }
- label: output
domain: stream
dtype: byte
vlen: 1
# 'file_format' specifies the version of the GRC yml format used in the file
# and should usually not be changed.
file_format: 1