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Simple library for locating iOS devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod).
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Simple library to locate iOS devices (iPhone, iPod and iPad)


First install node.js. Then:

$ npm install iphone-finder


var iPhoneFinder = require('iphone-finder');

// Replace with valid iCloud email and password
var iCloudUser = '';
var iCloudPass = '#############';

// Find all devices the user owns
iPhoneFinder.findAllDevices(iCloudUser, iCloudPass, function(err, devices) {
    // Got here? Great! Lets see some device information
    devices.forEach(function(device) {
        // Output device information
        console.log('Device Name: ' +;
        console.log('Device Type: ' + device.modelDisplayName);

        // Output location (latitude and longitude)
        var lat = device.location.latitude;
        var lon = device.location.longitude;
        console.log('Lat/Long: ' + lat + ' / ' + lon);

        // Output a url that shows the device location on google maps
        console.log('View on Map:' + lat + '+' + lon);
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