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;;; utilities
(use srfi-19 http-session spiffy-cookies http-session spiffy-cookies mda-client)
(include "macs.scm")
(define (todays-date)
(date->string (current-date) "~Y/~m/~d"))
(define (store? test)
(if (> (length test) 0) #t #f))
;;; macros
(define-syntax with-default
(syntax-rules ()
((with-default expr default)
(let ((e expr))
(if (eq? e 'not-found)
;(define-syntax define-db-func
; (syntax-rules ()
; ((define-db-func opts (procs ...))
; (define (prop opts . prop)
; (if (store? prop)
; (db-store (car prop) "nepco" procs ...)
; (db:read "nepco" procs ...))))))
(define-syntax db-user
(syntax-rules ()
((db-user prop file default)
(define (prop user . prop)
(if (store? prop)
(db:store (car prop) "users" user file)
(with-default (db:read "users" user file) default))))))
(define-syntax db-club
(syntax-rules ()
((db-club prop file default)
(define (prop club . prop)
(if (store? prop)
(db:store (car prop) "clubs" club file)
(with-default (db:read "clubs" club file) default))))))
(define-syntax db-club-auth
(syntax-rules ()
((db-club-auth prop file default)
(define (prop club url . email)
(if (store? email)
(db:store (car email) "clubs" club "auth-urls" url file)
(with-default (db:read "clubs" club "auth-urls" url file) default))))))
(define-syntax db-club-clubber
(syntax-rules ()
((db-club-clubber prop file default)
(define (prop club name . prop)
(if (store? prop)
(db:store (car prop) "clubs" club "clubbers" name file)
(with-default (db:read "clubs" club "clubbers" name file) default))))))
(define-syntax db-club-clubber-date
(syntax-rules ()
((db-club-clubber-date prop file default . no-update-points)
(define (prop club mem date . prop-v)
(if (store? prop-v)
(begin (update-points (lambda (c n d) (prop c n d)) (car prop-v) club mem date)
(if (string=? "present" file)
(update-meeting-date club date (if (present club mem date) -1 1))
(let ((d-l (string-split date (db:sep))))
(db:update-list (first d-l) "clubs" club "clubbers" mem "attendance")
(db:update-list (second d-l) "clubs" club "clubbers" mem "attendance" (first d-l))
(db:update-list (third d-l) "clubs" club "clubbers" mem "attendance" (first d-l) (second d-l))
(db:update-list file "clubs" club "clubbers" mem "attendance" date)
(db:store (car prop-v) "clubs" club "clubbers" mem "attendance" date file)))
(with-default (db:read "clubs" club "clubbers" mem "attendance" date file) default))))))
(define-syntax db-club-clubber-section
(syntax-rules ()
((db-club-clubber-section prop default)
(define (prop club mem club-level book chapter section . prop)
(if (store? prop)
(db:store (car prop) "clubs" club "clubbers" mem "sections" "club-levels" club-level "books" book "chapters" chapter section)
(with-default (db:read "clubs" club "clubbers" mem "sections" "club-levels" club-level "books" book "chapters" chapter section)
(define-syntax db-club-par
(syntax-rules ()
((db-club-par prop file default)
(define (prop club parent . prop)
(if (store? prop)
(db:store (car prop) "clubs" club "parents" parent file)
(with-default (db:read "clubs" club "parents" parent file) default))))))
;;; clubber funcs
(define (update-points func new-val club name date)
(cond ((and (func club name date) (not new-val))
(total-points club name (- (total-points club name) 1)))
((and (not (func club name date)) new-val)
(total-points club name (+ (total-points club name) 1)))))
(define (secondary-parent club name . parent)
(if (store? parent)
(db:store (car parent) "clubs" club "parents" (primary-parent club name) "spouse-name")
(with-default (db:read "clubs" club "parents" (primary-parent club name) "spouse-name") "")))
(define (update-meeting-date club date change)
(let* ((c-meetings (club-meetings club))
(meeting (assoc date c-meetings)))
(if meeting
(club-meetings club (alist-cons date (+ (cdr meeting) change) (alist-delete date c-meetings)))
(if (> change 0)
(club-meetings club (alist-cons date 1 c-meetings))
;(define (day-points club name date . points)
; (if (store? points)
; (db:store (car points) "clubs" club "clubbers" name "attendance" date "day-points")
; (with-default (db:read "clubs" club "clubbers" name "attendance" date "day-points") 0)))
;;; database functions
; (user-name user . name)
(db-user user-name "name" 'not-found)
(db-user user-club "club" 'not-found)
(db-user user-email "email" 'not-found)
(db-user user-phone "phone" "")
(db-user user-birthday "birthday" "")
(db-user user-address "address" "")
(db-user user-pw "pw" 'not-found)
(db-user user-pw-type "user-pw-type" 'sha512)
(db-user stripe-customer-id "stripe-customer-id" 'not-found)
; (club-address club . address)
(db-club club-name "name" 'not-found)
(db-club club-users "club-users" '())
(db-club club-meetings "club-meetings" '())
; (auth-url club url . email)
(db-club-auth auth-url "email" #f)
; (grade club clubber-name . grade)
(db-club-clubber name "name" 'not-found)
(db-club-clubber grade "grade" "")
(db-club-clubber birthday "birthday" "")
(db-club-clubber club-level "club-level" "")
(db-club-clubber notes "notes" "")
(db-club-clubber allergies "allergies" "")
(db-club-clubber primary-parent "primary-parent" "")
(db-club-clubber total-points "total-points" 0)
(db-club-clubber book "book" "")
(db-club-clubber book-index "book-index" "0")
(db-club-clubber last-section "last-section" #f)
(db-club-clubber date-registered "date-registered" "09/01/10") ; mm/dd/yy
(db-club-clubber thank-you "thank-you" #f)
(db-club-clubber miss-you "miss-you" #f)
(db-club-clubber dues-receipt "dues-receipt" #f)
; (present club clubber-name date . present)
(db-club-clubber-date present "present" #f)
(db-club-clubber-date bible "bible" #f)
(db-club-clubber-date handbook "handbook" #f)
(db-club-clubber-date uniform "uniform" #f)
(db-club-clubber-date friend "friend" #f)
(db-club-clubber-date extra "extra" #f)
(db-club-clubber-date sunday-school "sunday-school" #f)
(db-club-clubber-date dues "dues" #f)
(db-club-clubber-date on-time "on-time" #f)
; (clubber-section club clubber book chapter section . date)
(db-club-clubber-section clubber-section "")
; (parent-spouse club spouse-name . spouse-name)
(db-club-par parent-name "name" "")
(db-club-par parent-spouse "spouse" "")
(db-club-par parent-email "email" "")
(db-club-par parent-phone-1 "phone-1" "")
(db-club-par parent-phone-2 "phone-2" "")
(db-club-par parent-address "address" "")
(db-club-par parent-release-to "release-to" "")
(db-club-par parent-children "children" '())
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