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(use srfi-1)
(define (insert-file path)
(with-input-from-file path (lambda () (read-string))))
(define (fold-sep proc sep start list)
(let ((first #t))
(fold (lambda (e o)
(string-append o (if first (begin (set! first #f) "") sep) (proc e)))
(define (string-fold-sep proc sep list)
(fold-sep proc sep "" list))
(define (range from/to . to)
(let ((f (if (= (length to) 0) -1 (- from/to 1)))
(t (if (> (length to) 0) (first to) from/to)))
(do ((i (- t 1) (- i 1))
(l '() (cons i l)))
((= i f) l))))
(define (empty? l) (eq? l '()))
(define (space->dash s)
(string-fold (lambda (c o) (string-append o (if (char=? #\space c) "-" (->string c)))) "" s))
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