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This repository provides a web-template for a project testing web applications using the Robot Framework. For more detailed information please refer to the related blog post here:

Used Versions

robotframework jar (3.0.1)
robotframework selenium2library jar (
chromedriver (2.27)
geckodriver (0.14)

Tested with:
robotframework (3.0.2)
robotframework-selenium2library (1.8.0)
selenium (3.0.2)
phantomjs (2.1.1)

How to update versions

Robot Framework and Selenium2Library for Python:

  • Use pip list to check versions of installed python packages
  • Use pip install robotframework --upgrade to update the Robot Framework
  • Use pip install robotframework-selenium2library --upgrade to update the Robot Framework Selenium2Library

Provided executables and JARs:

Used executables:


10th March 2017:

  • Added support for geckodriver and added geckodriver binaries
  • Minor modifications to the basic-keywords that are determing which driver to use and thus to copy
  • Adding "." to the path in the run-scripts
  • The windows run-script is now a bat-script