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#region Remove old Computer Account from AD based on Computername Pattern
$upn = ""
$passWD = "01000000d08c9ddfasdasd77f7f228164e30000000002000000000010660234238993c5d39482a16f41cc129f79245def666935f449b9bbb25d924e652d0a720008967986679000200000001b68dd8723765f65111403969403b4c105573f1821de5757bdd80e1a8e92a88630000000a215aea947d3b7ce63eef9f4a1397a1d76f627733f8cc0f14a36acbf1a63e1dcf8ed3090566d68be11f170cf6226aaef4000000044dc72c8d3ea5cf82cdce6ca8096360e76f2ef8f1ba848c13c31bc78621cf3eed81ee1add96caad871d4baa91387bdb139baba0cad721c4503eec1c961c47d1c"
$maxDevicesToDelete = 3
$MaxRetries = 25
$RetryDelay = 5 # Seconds
try {
#import the Intune Powershell module
Write-Log "import Microsoft.Graph.Intune PSModule"
Import-Module Microsoft.Graph.Intune -Force -ErrorAction Stop | Out-Null
} catch {
Write-Log "Coul not load Microsoft.Graph.Intune module. Trying to install and then import it."
#Install Intune PowerShell module and then import it
Install-Module Microsoft.Graph.Intune -Force
Import-Module Microsoft.Graph.Intune -Force -ErrorAction Stop | Out-Null
if((Get-Module -Name Microsoft.Graph.Intune) -eq $null){
Write-Log "Could not import Microsoft.Graph.Intnue module. Data collection will be aborted." -Type Error
throw "Could not import Microsoft.Graph.Intnue module."
try {
#create the connection credentials
Write-Log "Converting Password to securestring"
$secPwd = ConvertTo-SecureString $passWD
$credentials = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential($upn,$secPwd)
Write-Log "Connecting to intune"
#connect to Intune without Outputing to the console.
Connect-MSGraph -PSCredential $credentials
} catch {
Write-Log "Could not connet to Intune." -Type Error -Exception $_.Exception
throw "Could not connect to Intune"
Write-Log "Getting serialnumber for device id '$DeviceId'"
$i = 0
while(($intuneDevice.serialNumber.Length -lt 1) -and ($i -lt $MaxRetries)){
Write-Log "Start searching Intune by DeviceId (Try: '$i')"
Start-Sleep -Seconds $RetryDelay
$intuneDevice = Get-IntuneManagedDevice -managedDeviceId $DeviceId
$DeviceSerial = $intuneDevice.serialNumber
} catch{
if($_.TargetObject.Response.HttpStatusCode -eq 404){
Write-Log "Device not found in Intune continuing with the script"
Write-Log "Could not get new device name" -Type Error -Exception $_.Exception
#Building Devicename to search for it in AD
Write-Log "Building Target Devicename"
$TargetComputername = "KUR-$DeviceSerial"
Write-Log "Target ComputerName: '$TargetComputername'"
if ($TargetComputername.Length -ge 15) {
Write-Log "Target ComputerName is longer ($($TargetComputername.Length)) than the allowed length of 15. It will be shorted."
$TargetComputername = $TargetComputername.substring(0, 15)
Write-Log "New Target ComputerName: '$TargetComputername' "
if(($intuneDevice) -and ($TargetComputername.Length -gt 4))
Write-Log "Delete device from AD with devicename '$TargetComputername'"
$devicesToDelete = @(Get-ADComputer -Identity $TargetComputername)
if($devicesToDelete.Count -le $maxDevicesToDelete){
Write-Log "Found '$($devicesToDelete.Count)' devices. This is below the configured value of '$maxDevicesToDelete'. Therefore deleting those devices."
foreach($deviceToDelete in $devicesToDelete){
Write-Log "Removing '$($deviceToDelete.DistinguishedName)'"
Remove-ADObject -Identity $deviceToDelete -Recursive -Confirm:$FALSE
Write-Log "Could not remove device" -Type Error -Exception $_.Exception
Write-Log "Found '$($devicesToDelete.Count)' devices. This is above the configured value of '$maxDevicesToDelete'. Therefore skipping those devices."
}catch [Microsoft.ActiveDirectory.Management.ADIdentityNotFoundException] {
Write-Log "AD object for '$TargetComputername' not found, skipping device removal"
Write-Log "Error on deleting device." -Type Error -Exception $_.Exception
Write-Log "Target devicename not set. Skipping device removal."
#endregion Add Computer Account to AD group
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