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Kinect v2 library for Processing

Version 0.7.8

Library is curretly on develop with the Windows SDK Version 1409 (9/16/2014)

Library for Mac check out the OpenKinect-for-Processing library.


  • A Kinect for Windows v2 Device (K4W2).
  • Kinect SDK v2
  • 64bit computer with a dedicated USB 3.0.
  • Windows 10, 8, 8.1
  • Processing 3.0
  • Update your latest video card driver.
  • Install DirectX 11.

Reference and tutorial

Webpage tutorial with a couple of useful examples.

Install for Processing 3.0

  • Install the Kinect for Windows SDK v2
    • Install the library using Processing Contributed Library Manager
    • Manual install, download the latest KinectPV2 version from the releases tab, and copy the KinectPV2 folder into your processing libraries sketch folder.
  • Enjoy

For Processing 2.2.1 please use the KinectPV2 0.7.2 version.


  • TestImages, Test all Frames/Images for the Kinect.
  • SkeletonMaskDepth, Skeleton positions are mapped to match the depth and body index frames.
  • SkeletonColor, Skeleton is mapped to match the color frame.
  • Skeleton3d, 3d Skeleton example needs love.
  • SimpleFaceTracking, simple face tracking with mode detection.
  • PointCloudOGL, Point cloud depth render using openGL and shaders.
  • PointCloudDepth, point cloud in a single 2d Image and threshold example.
  • PointCloudColor, Point cloud in color, using openGL and shaders.
  • MaskTest, Body Index test, and body index with depth.
  • Mask_findUsers, find number of users base on body index information.
  • MapDepthToColor, depth to color mapping, depth frame is aligned with color frame.
  • HDFaceVertex, Face vertices are match with the color frame.
  • HDColor, 1920 x 1080 RGB frame.
  • DepthTest, Depth test with raw depth data.
  • CoordinateMapperRGBDepth, example broken, check 0.7.2 version.
  • RecordPointCloud, simple OBJ recording of the point cloud positions.
  • OpenCV examples:
    • Live Capture App
    • Find Contours with depth or bodyIndex


To build the KinectPV2 library from source code, look at the Build_libs folder

  • KinectPV2_vc2012, builds the .dll library with JNI code.
  • KinectPV2_Eclipse, builds the .jar library for processing.

Know issues

  • Missing "msvcp110.dll", or "Kinect20.Face.dll: Can't find dependent libraries on thread"
  • Problems with the video, update your video card driver and install DirectX 11.


Simple Device

To include the library into a processing sketch you just need to import it and initialize it.

import KinectPV2.*;
KinectPV2 kinect;

void setup() {
  kinect = new KinectPV2(this);
  //Start up methods go here


To obtain the color Image, depth Image, infrared Image, bodyIndex Image and long Exposure Image as a PImage you need to active with the following method

 void enableColorImg(boolean toggle);
 void enableDepthImg(boolean toggle);
 void enableInfraredImg(boolean toggle);
 void enableBodyTrackImg(boolean toggle);
 void enableInfraredLongExposureImg(boolean toggle);
 PImage getColorImage();
 PImage getDepthImage();
 PImage getInfraredImage();
 PImage getBodyTrackImage();
 PImage getInfraredLongExposureImage();

just initialize in the setup()

  kinect = new KinectPV2(this);

get the PImage in the draw()

PImage imgC = kinect.getColorImage();
image(imgC, 0, 0);

Raw Data is only available for the color, depth ad bodytrack frames/images. Once the frames are activated just call them.

  //raw Data int valeus from [0 - 4500]
  int [] rawData = kinect.getRawDepthData();
  //values for [0 - 256] strip
  int [] rawData256 = kinect.getRawDepth256Data();
  //raw body data 0-6 users 255 nothing
  int [] rawData = kinect.getRawBodyTrack();
  //unpacket color values
  int [] colorRaw = kinect.getRawColor();


MIT License