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Taxicab Demographics

This is a little project I did looking at how demographics correlate with yellow cab drop offs in NYC. If you want a non-technical introduction, the best spot would be the blog post I wrote for Springboard. The technical write up contains the more technical details, as well as a description of the code contained in the Code directory.

I used data from the NYC TLC for 2013. The demographic data comes from the census bureau. I got my data from the nice nhgis website. Shapefiles for doing the GIS work can be found from the NYC city government or from the census bureau.

Unfortunately, I was learning SQL and PostGIS while I was creating my SQL database, so I didn't document how to create it. If you want to reproduce what I did, you'll have to gather the data yourself and build the SQL database on your own. :(

Special thanks to Eric Rynerson and Christos Papadopoulos for all their advice on the direction of this project, and to Sandra Voss and Roger Huang for editing my writing.