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Testing Installation

If you just want to test the application, we provide fixtures data that you can use. They are enabled by default so you just need to:

Install Geonode in the development version 2.4 following the instructions here. Don't install the package, it is not the 2.4 version.

Then to install the analytics app:

git clone
cd analytics

# Synchronize the Geonode database to add the analytics data types
python syncdb

To start the analytics app:

# In the Geonode directory execute:
paver start_geoserver
# to start Geoserver (layer functionnalities)

# In the analytics directory:
python runserver

# You can then access the analytics app at http://localhost:8000
# If you want the application to be available to other hosts:
python runserver

Full installation

If you want to run the full application, you will also need:

Some geo-business intelligence data in a postgreSQL database, and a GeoMondrian installed. To install GeoMondrian, yu can follow this guide.

To install the solap4py-java component and start it.

You can configure the data you will use in the with the flag FIXTURES:

  • Set it to true to use sample data
  • Set it to false to use your GeoMondrian