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Annotation system for PHP
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Annotations for PHP

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PHP does not have any kind of native annotation (AKA attributes from .NET world) so if you'd like to implement your own annotation framework think of using this first and save some time.


Using composer is quite simple, just run the following command:

$ composer require thomas-squall/php-magic-annotations


Create a new Annotation

First you have to create a new class. In this example the class will be called MyCustomAnnotation

class MyCustomAnnotation


Then you'll have to extend the Annotation class from the library

use PHPAnnotations\Annotations\Annotation;

class MyCustomAnnotation extends Annotation


Add some logic to it

use PHPAnnotations\Annotations\Annotation;

class MyCustomAnnotation extends Annotation
    private $name;
    private $surname;
    public function __constructor($name, $surname)
        $this->name = $name;
        $this->surname = $surname;
    public function GetFullName()
        return "$this->name $this->surname";

Now our beautiful annotation is ready to go!

Use the annotation

Create a class to used to test the annotation

class MyTestClass


And add the annotation through the docs

 * @MyCustom(name = "Thomas", surname = "Cocchiara")
class MyTestClass

Now we're ready to test it out!

use use PHPAnnotations\Reflection\Reflector;

$myObject = new MyTestClass();
$reflector = new Reflector($myObject);

echo $reflector->getClass()->getAnnotation("MyCustom")->GetFullName();

Hope you guys find this library useful.

Please share it and give me a feedback :)


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