SimpleJs is made for simplify your javascript code without use jquery
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Simple js is made for simplify your javascript code without use jquery

Functions ss.

Post and Get request

ss.get('data.html', {
  params: [{name: 'ss', value: 'js'}],
  success: function(result){

ss.get('data.html', {
  success: function(html){
      //Callback function

ss.get('data.html', {
  params: [{name: 'ss', value: 'js'}],
  success: function(result){
});'data.html', {
  params: [{name: 'ss', value: 'js'}],
  success: function(result){
});'data.html', {
  params: [],
  timeout: 4000,
  success: function(result){

  error: function(result){


DOM manipulation

ss.el('#container').toggleClass('superclass') //toggle one class
ss.el('#container').toggleClass('multiple super class') //toggle several class

ss.el('#container').html() //Return the html of the element
ss.el('#container').html('<h1>Hello world !</h1>') //Change the content of element

ss.el('#pseudo').val() //Return the value of the input pseudo
ss.el('#pseudo').val('Hello') //Change the value of the input pseudo | Let empty for remove the content

  // Callback function when #element is pressed

ss.el('#myID').change('<h1>My html</h1>') //If a change in the html between the given value and the previous value then the id will be updated |only works with IDs and with html

Pages manipulation

If you want to create a multiples interfaces in your webapp, you can use the functions ss.pages and

//initialize the pages with ss.pages | the first value will be display automatically when script will be terminated
    name: 'home',
    el: '#myhomepage'
    name: 'login',
    el: '#myloginpage'

//now you can change the displayed page'login')'home') //etc...

Form manipulation

  min_letters: 5,
  max_letters: 10,
  forbidden_characters: ['super', 'input']
}) // Return true if all conditions are okay

Mobile manipulation

  toLeft: function(){
    //callback function
  toRight: function(){
    //callback function
  toTop: function(){
    //callback function
  toBottom: function(){
    //callback function
}) //This function can be used once

Beta Functions

TurboOn ~ Make page transitions on your website faster

Why use TurboOn ?
TurboOn was created to free up your browser resources and server bandwidth by reloading only what is important for the navigation.

ss.turboOn(); // Just add this on your javascript code for launch the beast

If you didn't want to reload your javascript resources you can add a property to indicate this

<script ss-turbo-reload="false">
<!-- ss-turbo-reload="false" indicate to turboOn to don't reload this resource -->

onTurbo Event

If you want to execute a function each time a page is loaded, you can do it with this function

ss.onTurbo(function(beforeBody, pageName){


scrollToThis is a function to scroll the page up to your element



isVisible is a function that returns true if the item is displayed on the screen or false if it is not

ss.el('#element').isVisible(); //return true or false
ss.el('#element').isVisible(true); // returns 1 if the element is totally visible or 0.5 if it is partially visible or 0 if it is not visible


write does a little animation as if the user is writing

const speed = 1000; //ms
const callback = function(element, text){

ss.el('#element').write('Text', speed, callback)


make a random chain

const params = {
  length: 10,
  alphabet: true, // abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzAZERTYUIOPQSDFGHJKLMWXCVBN
  numbers: true, // 0123456789
  extra: true // &@*µ£$./°
ss.rand(params); // params is not necessary