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Nim Homeassistant

Nim Home Assistant (NimHA) is a hub for combining multiple home automation devices and automating jobs. Nim Home Assistant is developed to run on a Raspberry Pi with a 7" touchscreen, mobile devices and on large screens.


Please visit the Wiki page for more information on installation, requirements and the modules.

Current status

NimHA is currently in BETA.

Work before reaching stable: - Avoid database lock error (multiple connections at the same time - which SQLite does not like)

  • The alarm module's countdown proc() is currently not working (this means that when the alarm has been triggered, it will immediately go into ringing mode)




  • Interactive dashboard showing all the data in separate cards.
  • Drag and drop the cards in a custom order
  • The dashboard uses websocket, so there is no need for refreshing the page - the data renders continuously
  • Responsive design for PC's, mobile phones and Raspberry Pi 7" touchscreen

Alarm system

  • Alarm system integrated with Xiaomi IOT devices
  • Custom actions when the alarm status changes, e.g. from armed to ringing send mail
  • Custom alarm codes for each user
  • User defined arm time

Xiaomi IOT devices

  • Integrated with Xiaomi Smart Home devices
  • Constantly monitor your devices
  • Send commands to your device, e.g. play sound on the gateway
  • Auto discovery of devices


  • Schedule automatic actions on the minute
  • Utilize actions from the different modules, e.g. send mails, notifications, etc.

SSL certificate watch

  • Monitor the expiration date on your SSL certificates


  • View where each of your Owntrack devices are located
  • Add custom waypoints to the map
  • Use Google maps


  • Connect to your mail server and create mail templates, which can be used in the different modules


  • Define custom MQTT templates (topic and message)
  • Send MQTT message when the alarm changes status or with cronjobs
  • Send test messages via MQTT

OS commands

  • Create templates which can be used in different modules
  • Test commands from the browser

OS stats

  • Monitor the health of your system

Raspberry Pi

** Compile with -d:rpi to enable **

  • Automate actions using the Raspberry Pi's GPIO
  • Write to the pins
  • Read the values from the pins

RSS feed

  • Keep an eye on your favorite RSS feeds


  • Watch your MJPEG stream from the dashboard
  • Show a static image from URL
  • Get a static image from a LAN url, save the image to NimHA and show it, to avoid exposing LAN url to the internet


  • Stay notified with the Pushbullet integration on all your devices

.. and more to come

Run Nim Home Assistant

1) Ensure that all the requirements are fulfilled: Wiki - Requirements

2) Install and run NimHA: Wiki - Install