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@ThomasWeinert ThomasWeinert released this Dec 23, 2016
· 299 commits to master since this release
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  • Changed: minimum PHP version is now 5.6
  • Changed: you might now need to set an option to load files (security)
    • [\FluentDOM\Options\ALLOW_FILE => TRUE]
    • [\FluentDOM\Options\IS_FILE => TRUE]
  • Changed: major cleanup/overhaul of the examples
  • Refactored: Replace func_get_args() with variadics
  • Added: HTML loader now supports 'html-fragment' and 'text/html-fragment'
  • Added: XML/HTML loaders now support libxml options for the load methods
  • Added: JsonDOM loader supports a callback for mapping keys to tag names
    The callback can be set using an option or JsonDOM::onMapKey().
  • Changed: string arguments to methods like FluentDOM\Query::append() are now parsed as
    HTML fragments if the content type of the FluentDOM\Query instance is a HTML type.
  • Changed: NULL values can now be set using FluentDOM\Query::attr(), FluentDOM\Query::css()
    and FluentDOM\Query::data() methods.
  • Changed: FluentDOM\Nodes()/FluentDOM\Query() now keeps the content type used to load the
    document and use it for parsing fragments and serializing the document.
  • Added: FluentDOM\Loadable::loadFragment()
  • Added: FluentDOM\Text::replaceWholeText() and FluentDOM\CdataSection::replaceWholeText()
  • Added: FluentDOM::registerSerializerFactory(), register function/factory to create
    a serializer for a node.
  • Added: FluentDOM\Loader\Options generic options for loaders (source type)
  • Added: FluentDOM\Exceptions\LoadingError exception interface