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Welcome to the Computational Brain Imaging Group (CBIG) repository!

We are from Thomas Yeo's Computational Brain Imaging Group (CBIG).

CBIG repository is a package that provides the following useful tools:

  1. fMRI preprocessing pipeline
  2. Brain parcellations and algorithms
  3. Mental disorder subtyping maps and algorithms
  4. fMRI dynamical models (including neural mass models)
  5. Registration between MNI and fsaverage space

For more info, please check stable_projects folder.

Currently, CBIG mainly uses matlab, bash, csh, python and only supports Linux system.


After cloning/downloading this repository, please see README inside setup directory to see instructions on how to set up your local environment to be compatible with our repository.

We strongly encourage you to join the CBIG users group (!forum/cbig_users/join), so that you can be informed about major updates & bugs.

If you have issues, please email Ruby ( and Thomas (, but we may or may not be able to help you because we are a small lab with limited resources.


See our LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (MIT).

Happy researching!