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Application Structure

The application is built as a series of models that interconnect to create was is essentially numbers game for fantasy basketball. With the power of sports radar, we are able to collect and aggregate data too our needs and create a database of basketball players who all have unique scores and a matching id on our and sports radar's API.

We use this data to allow users to collect their favorite players and aggregate a score for their team and then compare their teams to each other in a global league and adjust their teams however they want.

Both teams and users have their own clearly defined models and features. Users are capable of granting permissions the public and generating associated teams for users. While Teams are easily mutatable for the users benefit.

Build test and Run Instructions

User Stories

As a user I need to log in/sign up so that I can use the app and track my team and standings

As a user I need to query players by various stats so that I can make the best team possible for myself

As a user I need to save my team so that I can track my progress/status against other users

As a user I need to view the score of my team based on performance on a weekly basis so that I can determine whether or not I need to change roster

As a user I need to change or update my team/roster based on performance so that I can be the best fastansy basketball nerd

Developer Stories

As a developer I need to provide a secure login so that my users can't mess with each others' teams/profiles

As a developer I need to make API calls to query players to provide stats to the user

As a developer I need to process player data so that the pertinent information is accessible to my users

As a developer I need to aggregate user data so that it can be compared among users app wide

Contributor Guidelines

  • branches named after feature
  • standard indent 4 spaces
  • quotes: JS Standard single
  • merge into master: Pull Parties only


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