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iCloud Indicator

The iCloud Indicator is a UI element that I designed for my first game Turnacle [App Store] that shows the user whether a game can be resumed from the iCloud and if yes, allows the user to resume or remove it. You can see the indicator in action at

I want to share the iCloud Indicator because I think games could make great use of the iCloud, e.g. to store the user's progression through the game or to be able to resume a game on a different device. This is just a small piece of that puzzle.

This repository contains a demo project that you can run on your device immediately after checkout. It demonstrates the use of the iCloud Indicator and how it is supposed to hook up in your project. Once you got that figured out, you can easily drop the code and assets in your own project and start supporting the iCloud.

iCloud Indicator is licensed under the MIT License.

Tested on/with

* Mac OS X 10.7.3
* Xcode 4.3.1
* Cocos2d v1.1beta2b
* iPhone 4, iOS 5.1


A UI element that enables users to resume or remove games from the iCloud




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