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Balloon Box

What is it?

Balloon Box is a platformer game.

Running Balloon Box

Download the code and either:

Run it directly: mvn install exec:java -Dexec.mainClass=me.lachlanap.balloonbox.desktop.BalloonBoxGameDesktop.

Package a jar and run it:

mvn package
java -jar target/balloonbox-1.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar

Story (short)

(note: things in bold haven't been decided yet)

The main character in Balloon Box is Boxis - an unknown person that moves around inside a cardboard box.

Boxis is stuck in a factory, trying to get out. All you can see of him is his eye (through the lookout hole in the box). Boxis travels throughout the factory through vacuum pipes, collecting balloons along the way to help him float out through the roof... he also picks up batteries to power the vacuum system.

After working his way through some of the factory he does something and discovers cardboard-dissolving acid is now in various places (which must be avoided).

Eventually, he gets to the shipping department (close to the top of the building), and has to avoid knife racks (Stanley knives, scissors, etc for opening boxes). He finds an exit pipe labelled "to roof", and travels up it, but an electrical faults occurs and the fan stops - and Boxis falls down "to the mines"... (fade to black).