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WebChess Unofficial 1.0.0rc3 (2013-12-08)

  • changes:
    • Updated the chessdb.php::saveGame() to be more efficient so moves are processed quicker.
    • Added Deutsch translations for gettext. This is disabled in lang.php by default.
  • minor fixes:
    • Fixed issue where you couldn't create a game
    • Fixed issue where you couldn't accept a game
    • Fixed issue where the board wouldn't load
    • Removed PHP short tags
    • Added missing '' ENUM value games table columns
    • Added missing players``userlevel column
    • Updated players table definition to hold the md5 password and change the CHARs to VARCHARs
    • Removed some PHP warnings and notices
    • These fixes were minimal just to get a game up and running and see if it's worth playing
    • Changed the window.onload to document.onready (using domready.js)
    • Fixed issue with columns collapsing if they contained no pieces
    • The replay button titles and text can now be translated
    • Email messages can now be translated
    • Fixed issue where emails weren't being sent (From email address had mistype in variable name)
    • Moved footer html in to footer.php
    • Changes the charset of main pages to UTF-8
    • Replaces the hardcoded app name 'WebChess' with a constant in config.php

WebChess 1.0.0rc2 (2010-08-14)

  • minor changes:
    • user interface appearance changes
    • watch also other players' games
    • md5 hash passwords in database

A PHP Web Application that you can install on your own web server. It allows you to play chess with other users across the internet or sitting at the same screen. It only permits valid moves and can automatically detect check and checkmate status.

Original website:

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