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Making a Release of Jasmine Core

Jasmine Core is this Github repo and contains all the core JavaScript code for the Jasmine BDD framework.

It also contains two HTML pages for the Github Pages at

The Repo

All of the JS for Jasmine is in the src directory. The specs for each file are in the specs directory. There are rake tasks to concat all these files in the correct order.

The Pages

Github pages have to exist in a branch called gh-pages in order for their app to serve them. This repo adds that branch as a submodule under the pages directory. This is a bit of a hack, but it allows us to work with the pages and the source at the same time and with one set of rake tasks.

If you want to submit changes to this repo and aren't a Pivotal Labs employee, you can fork and work in the gh-pages branch. You won't be able to edit the pages in the submodule off of master.

The pages are built with Frank. All the source for these pages live in the pages_source directory.

Running Specs

Open the file spec/runner.html and all specs will run.


Once all specs are green and you've updated the version in version.json, you need to run the rake task to make a distribution: rake jasmine:dist.