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Virtualbox VDI files fuse mount tool. From

My goal is to get it compatible to the newest virtualbox version and add some features. Maybe it can be push to virtualbox repository sooner or later.


You will need the virtualbox sourcecode. Please load the package from their homepage

bash vdbuild_new /path/to/virtualbox/source/include/ vdfuse-v82a.c

FUSE setup

If you want to mount VMs as a default user, you will have to edit /etc/fuse.conf and add "user_allow_other" to the config file

Using it

./vdfuse -h DESCRIPTION: This Fuse module uses the VirtualBox access library to open a VirtualBox supported VD image file and mount it as a Fuse file system. The mount point contains a flat directory containing the files EntireDisk, Partition1 .. PartitionN. These can then be loop mounted to access the underlying file systems Version: 0.83

USAGE: ./vdfuse [options] -f image-file mountpoint -h help -r readonly -t specify type (VDI, VMDK, VHD, or raw; default: auto) -f VDimage file -s Snapshot file(s) to load on top of the image file -a allow all users to read disk -w allow all users to read and write to disk -g run in foreground -v verbose -d debug

NOTE: you must add the line "user_allow_other" (without quotes) to /etc/fuse.confand set proper permissions on /etc/fuse.conf for this to work.

Mounting a VDF r/w:

./vdfuse -w -f box-disk1.vmdk /mnt/vdf_image mount /mnt/vdf_image/Partition2 /mnt/part

If you also want to mount snapshots add them with -s to the command line

Known issues

There have been issues mounting VDFs writeable. Mounting them for writing seems not to be reliable


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