Deploy an ElasticSearch cluster to AWS OpsWorks
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ElasticSearch OpsWorks

Built with 💛 and ☕️ in San Francisco

Deploy an ElasticSearch cluster to AWS OpsWorks from

Take a look at for all cookbook versions installed. This has not been tested with other versions. YMMV.

Before deployment

Please setup the following dependencies in your AWS region:

Setup environment

  • Clone this repository
  • Run init_rbenv to setup the rbenv environment, gems, etc. if you don't have it yet
    • This is designed to be used in a clean environment, e.g. build agents
    • The script "go" is a script to run rake tasks in a build
  • cp rbenv-vars.example .rbenv-vars
  • Fill out values in .rbenv-vars to suit your deployment


Provision the environment:

rake provision

Open https://<your search domain name>/_plugin/head

Destroy the environment:

rake destroy

Infrastructure details

Route53 --> ELB --> EC2 attached to EBS volumes
  • Index will be stored on EBS volumes, mounted at /mnt/elasticsearch-data
  • One master node by default, 2-node cluster by default
  • Load balanced by an ELB
  • Listens on HTTPS only, configured with basic auth challenge
  • EC2 instance type defaults to c3.large