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.NET client library for Mingle RESTful API

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.NET Client Library for Mingle’s RESTful API


This library provides a call-level API for .NET wrapping Mingle’s RESTful API. It’s useful when constructing rich clients for Mingle or using Mingle.



If you are building inside Visual Studio 2010 then you have all the required dependencies.


Bundled in Tools Folder

  • IronRuby 1.0 (required for running the tests and included with the source code)
  • Microsoft Dynamic Language Runtime – DLR (required for running the tests and included with the source code)


You can find documentation for the in the Help folder. A chm formatted file for the help viewer is here.
Documentation is built using Sandcastle Help File Builder.

Building Mingle.NET

You can build and test Mingle.NET from the command line using the build.bat batch file. Build.bat drives the build setting environment variables (buildvars.bat) and compilation/test (rakefile). Everything required to run a command-line build and test is included with the source.

  • Open a command line window, navigate to the directory where you placed the source and run “build”.


Tests for Mingle.NET are written in Ruby using the rspec gem. To run them from the command line:

  • Run buildvars.bat to establish the environment. You may need to adjust the settingsin buildvars.bat depending on the locations of .NET 4.0, msbuild and mstest on you computer.
  • “rake spec”
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