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An agent-based epidemiology simulation framework built in Rust
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An agent-based epidemiology simulation framework built in Rust

This is a monorepo containing code for the EpiRust framework -

  1. engine - The main EpiRust engine, which can be run as a CLI app
  2. server - The API server that talks to the engine and serves the frontend
  3. web - The Web UI for EpiRust


The quickest way to run the application is using the CLI interface on the engine. Follow the docker or local setup to get the engine up and running.



Build EpiRust engine docker image
cd engine
docker build -t epirust-engine .
Running EpiRust engine docker container
docker run --rm --name epirust-engine epirust-engine /bin/bash -c 'cargo run --release -- -c config/default.json && ls *.csv'
  • Copy the listed CSV produced from the container to the host machine
docker cp epirust-engine:/engine/<CSV_FILE> .
  • Go to the visualization section to plot the copied CSV file

Local setup


  • Install Rust and Cargo (version 1.40.0 or above). Refer to for rust installation
  • Install cmake (version 3.16.4 or later). Installation instructions will depend on your platform. On MacOS you can install it using brew install cmake. Refer to
  • Python 3 (for visualization and charting). We also need the pandas and matplotlib libraries which can be installed using pip or conda.
    • pip install pandas matplotlib


  • Go to the engine directory: cd engine/
  • Run cargo run --release
  • To modify the settings, or run with custom settings, use cargo run --release -- -c config/[your-config].json. Refer to default.json for the available settings.


  • After the simulation is run, it will generate a CSV file. We can plot this using a simple script included in the engine/plot directory
    • Ensure you're in the engine directory
    • Run python plot/ --data-path <PATH_TO_CSV_FILE> - this will plot the csv you provide.

Sample output: Epicurves plot


EpiRust is an open source project licensed under AGPL v3

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