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Group Associations

Indicator Associations

Tag Associations

Task Associations

Victim Associations

Retrieving Available Associations

All of the available associations can be viewed by making a GET request to /v2/types/associationTypes. This will return the name of the association and, if applicable, the Indicator/Group Resources between which the association can be created.

GET /v2/types/associationTypes/

To retrieve information about a specific association, use the following GET request format:

GET /v2/types/associationTypes/{associationTypeName}/

For example, the GET request below will return details about the Adversary association type:

GET /v2/types/associationTypes/Adversary/

JSON Response:

  "status": "Success",
  "data": {
    "associationType": {
      "name": "Adversary",
      "custom": "false",
      "fileAction": "false",
      "apiBranch": "adversaries"


Custom association types can be created on an instance of ThreatConnect by a system administrator. Please contact your system administrator to create new types of associations.