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The ThreatConnect |trade| TcEx Framework provides access to the ThreatConnect API using the :py:mod:`~tcex.tcex_resources` module. The Resource Classes can be accessed directly via the tcex.resources property of the TcEx Framework or indirectly vi the tcex.resource() method.

Direct Access


The Direct Access method is not supported on Custom Indicator Types.

Dynamic Access


For result sets that do not support pagination the resource.request() method can be called directly.

Custom Metrics Resource

The TcEx Resource Module provides Access to the customMetric API endpoint to create configurations and add data.


Available in 5.4+ version of the ThreatConnect API.

Resource Type Class
Custom Metrics :py:class:`~tcex.tcex_resources.CustomMetric`



Data Store Resource

The TcEx Module provide CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) operations to the ThreatConnect DataStore. The DataStore provides access to three domains: Local; Organization; and System.

Db Method Method
Create :py:meth:`~tcex.tcex_resources.DataStore.create`
Read :py:meth:``
Update :py:meth:`~tcex.tcex_resources.DataStore.update`
Delete :py:meth:`~tcex.tcex_resources.DataStore.delete`



Group Resources

Resource Type Class
Group (Base) :py:class:`~tcex.tcex_resources.Group`
Adversary :py:class:`~tcex.tcex_resources.Adversary`
Campaign :py:class:`~tcex.tcex_resources.Campaign`
Document :py:class:`~tcex.tcex_resources.Document`
Email :py:class:`~tcex.tcex_resources.Email`
Incident :py:class:`~tcex.tcex_resources.Incident`
Signature :py:class:`~tcex.tcex_resources.Signature`
Threat :py:class:`~tcex.tcex_resources.Threat`

Indicator Resources

Resource Type Class
Indicator (Base) :py:class:`~tcex.tcex_resources.Indicator`
Address :py:class:`~tcex.tcex_resources.Address`
EmailAddress :py:class:`~tcex.tcex_resources.EmailAddress`
File :py:class:`~tcex.tcex_resources.File`
Host :py:class:`~tcex.tcex_resources.Host`
URL :py:class:`~tcex.tcex_resources.URL`




Custom Indicators can be accessed by the Type. The ThreatConnect platform supports Custom indicator types with a space in the name. To prevent issues with the space all Custom Resource (Indicator) types should be made safe by using the :py:meth:`~tcex.tcex.TcEx.safe_rt` method.

Owner Resources

Resource Type Class
Owner :py:class:`~tcex.tcex_resources.Owner`

Security Label Resources

Resource Type Class
SecurityLabel :py:class:`~tcex.tcex_resources.SecurityLabel`



Tag Resources

Resource Type Class
Tag :py:class:`~tcex.tcex_resources.Tag`



Task Resources

Resource Type Class
Task :py:class:`~tcex.tcex_resources.Task`

Victim Resources

Resource Type Class
Victim :py:class:`~tcex.tcex_resources.Victim`