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Hamming Distance

Playbook app to find the Hamming Distance (the number of positions at which the corresponding symbols are different) between two strings.

For example, given abc and abd, the hamming distance is 1 (only the last letter is different). Given abc and cbd, the hamming distance is 2 (The first and last letters of the two strings are different).



This playbook has two, required inputs:

  • string_1 (required): a string whose length you would like to compare with string_2
  • string_2 (required): a string whose length you would like to compare with string_1

Both string_1 and string_2 must be the same length.


The app outputs two variables:

  • hammingDistance: The hamming distance (e.g. )
  • hammingDistance.percentage: The hamming distance as a percentage of the length of the input strings (e.g. )

Release Notes


  • Initial Release
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