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Tool Renaming


Identify common tools that attackers routinely rename

Data Required

  • HIPS or other related host monitoring solution that logs file metadata.
  • Process execution data (e.g., Sysmon, Carbon Black, etc)

Collection Considerations

Collect from all endpoints and servers

Analysis Techniques:

String matching, file hash analysis


When an adversary gains access to your network they will often bring a set of tools in with them to facilitate lateral movement, credential theft and data exfiltration. By analyzing the FileDescription metadata field of a PE file, it is possible to uncover files that have been renamed by an attacker.

  • An example would be when an attacker renames the SysInternals tool PsExec.exe
  • Identify the FileDescription 'Execute Processes Remotely' where the filename does not equal PsExec.exe.

Identify common windows executable names or names that are 1-2 characters in length. Also pay attention to files that reside in the ADMIN$ or IPC$ shares.

Look for executable files which have the same hash (MD5, SHA1) but different paths and/or filenames.

Look for previously-unseen binaries that have arguments in common with other known tools (for example, any process with 'sekurlsa' in the command line is likely to be Mimikatz).

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