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#Search for Rogue Listeners

Purpose: Find malicious programs that are listening to network ports

Data Required: Netstat data (netstat -nabo) or equivalent from local host

Collection Considerations: Requires some sort of agent to collect this data on a regular basis

Analysis Techniques: Stack counting


Extract src & dest host/port fields from all netstat data, as well as the full path name for the associated executable. Look for:

  • More than one process name bound to the same port on the same system (the ones with the smallest number of occurrences on each system are suspicious)
  • For all Internet-accessible servers, which ports show up only once (or just a few times)?
  • For all Internet-accessible servers, how many binaries show up only once (or just a few times)?
  • Track new listeners over time for each system, use this as a baseline to refine future hunts.

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