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Webshell Behavior


Identify actions taken by attacker when a webshell is initially placed on a webserver

Data Required

Windows security event logs (4688/592 events), HIPS or other related host monitoring solution that provides audit information about process creation

Collection Considerations

Collect from all webservers

Analysis Techniques:

Base analysis on bucket times and file / process ownership.


"When a web server gets compromised there are some typical things that will likely occur (Though not in every case).

  • A new file will be placed on the web server with a web file extension and in a web accessible directory.
  • Commands will be executed from the webshell. (cmd.exe, powershell.exe…)
  • Additional tools will be uploaded to the web server. (Look for newly created files with extensions of .zip, .rar, .7z, .exe…)

Looking for at least 2 of these occurrences from the above in a 15 minute window can help identify suspicious behavior that may need investigating. Multiple log sources may need to be incorporated for this, but the work in doing so can be well worth the effort."

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