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Three20 Articles

All content in this repository is pushed to whenever a change has been pushed to GitHub. So if you want to write your own articles, simply fork this repository, make your changes, and make a pull request. Once the content is merged into the mainline branch, your new content will go live within the hour.

Writing Articles

Here are some tips for writing articles. The system is based off of GitHub's Jekyll automated content distribution script. A custom script was written in PHP that mimics most of the functionality, but there are enough differences to warrant documenting them here.

Available Markup Languages

You're free to use any of Textile, Markdown, or pure HTML for your articles. Simply give them the correct filename (.textile, .mdown, or .html respectively) and the pusher script will handle the rest.

Article Naming Convention

YYYY-MM-DD-Article-Title-Separated-By-Hyphens.<markup type>

File Headers

There are a few properties that you can change on a per-file basis. To specify these properties, simply add the following block of text to the beginning of your file:

<key>: <value>

Here are the available properties:

title             The title of the post.
                  Used in hyperlinks and the <title> tag.

date              Override the published date of the article.
                  The article's date is determined automatically by the
                  article's filename. However, the filename acts as a unique
                  identifier throughout the site, so if you want to change
                  the date, use this property instead.

layout            The layout name for the post.
                  For articles, this defaults to "article".
                  See a list of valid layouts in the _layouts directory.

published         Defaults to true.
                  Set to false to hide this article from the site.

Linking to Other Articles

Instead of manually linking to an article yourself, you can take advantage of the following syntax:


This will be replaced with a hyperlink to the article with the hyperlink text set to the article's title. See _pages/documentation.html for an example of this.

Notice: If the article is not published, then nothing will be displayed.


In order to maintain high quality content on the site, we've presented a set of guidelines to use when editing content in the various markup languages.

General Conventions

Auto-linking Three20 Classes

If you mention a Three20 class in your article, you can easily link to the article's API documentation by surrounding the class name with ^.

For example:


will become

<a href="">TTTableViewController</a>

automatically, once it's posted to the site.

Auto-linking Three20 Source

If you mention a Three20 source file, you can easily link to the source on GitHub by using the following convention:

`<Three20 Module>/<Class name>.(h|m)`




<a href="">UIViewAdditions</a>

Markdown Conventions


<div class="image" markdown=1>![Alt Text](/gfx/path-to-image.png WIDTHxHEIGHT)</div>


<div class="image" markdown=1>![The Final Product](/gfx/samples/iad1.png 320x480)</div>